testimonialsThe ActionVision system can be used individually, by a company, or as a team. Each ActionVision plan is customized for the individual, the company, or on an area of focus. There are no two individuals the same just as there are no two ActionVision plans and/or coaching/consulting plans that are the same On average, 35individuals will see a 35% increase in work productivity within 30 to 60 days. What that means is that individuals will accomplish more in less time – i.e. work fewer hours if that is what they want to do.

95Over 95% of those who go on ActionVision take action and follow- through. This is, in large part, due to the fact that we are careful about whom we allow to go on ActionVision. If someone is not coachable or if we do not believe we can help an individual accomplish what they want to accomplish, we will refer them to someone else.

Most of our business comes from referrals, so to continue to maintain success, we obviously have to keep our clients very happy and to do that, we need great clients.

provenOn average, some are more, some are less, but on average, if someone completes 90% of their own customized ActionVision plan, they will get 94% of their desired results which is often earning 100% more than they earned over the last twelve months.

We have a passion for helping people double their income, reduce the number of hours they work, help them reduce their stress, and improve their overall life balance.

There are three different levels of participation in the ActionVision system for individuals. Please see the following pages for additional details. The more advanced levels empower an individual to do more, in less time, with less effort. The more advanced levels also come with more coaching, higher-level coaching, tools, resources, and technology support.

gainOthers have found that if they invest ONE hour a week into the system, they will gain an extra TWO hours from that one hour investment. This same thing is true from a financial and emotional or energy investment as well. The more time you invest, the more time you will have. Why? It is due to the systems doing the work on your behalf.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call any time.

We look forward to doing some great things together!

Mark Boersma
President, Synergy Solutions, Inc. | Website | Toll Free: 888.230.2300

To be a successful business we need to have a Business Operating System or a BOS, as we refer to it, which governs all our systems. To get our businesses to make a profit without us, we need to develop powerful turnkey systems which are working even when we are not.

Your custom ActionVision plan and coaching program will assist you to determine what are the best actions to take, when should we take those actions, who should take those actions, and how should those actions taken be to accomplish your goals.

Your ActionVision plan will fully integrate the 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries into your plan along with specific actions and goals that you would like to achieve, both personally and professionally.

lvl123Each box within the 5/30 Grid has a number in the lower right hand corner. In most situations following the numbering sequence from 1 to 30 is the most effective way to implement the 5/30 Grid. As you are coached in how to successfully complete the actions necessary for each box within the 5/30 Grid, we will build your Business Operating System to achieve the vision for your company or organization.

ActionVision employs three types of coaching to maximize the value you are receiving. Each type of coaching brings value that the other two types will not. Your plan will employ the proper balance between one on one coaching, group/mastermind coaching, and online training. The proper blend of the three types of coaching will maximize the return you receive from your investment of time and resources and will help you to achieve your goals in the least amount of time.

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7
G29 G30 G31 G32 G33 G34 G35

Three Types of Coaching . . .

  1. One on one coaching
  2. Group and/or mastermind coaching
  3. Online training/university

Four ways a company or organization may go through the 5/30 Grid

  1. Diagonal Learning
  2. Horizontal Learning
  3. Vertical Learning
  4. 530orangeSpecific Box Learning

In most situations “Diagonal Learning” is the most effective way to learn. This produces the fastest results and provides the most solid foundation for building your BOS – Business Operating System. We accomplish this as a result of using the numbers in each box and go from the upper left to the lower right.


“Horizontal Learning” is often applied if a company has specific individuals or departments which cover each of the five areas within the business and desires each individual or division to gain specific expertise faster. Even when “Horizontal Learning” is applied initially, many companies will have everyone in their company go through “Diagonal Learning” to insure that all five areas and all thirty boxes are fully integrated.

“Vertical Learning” is based on the six levels of proficiencies within each of the five areas. This learning may be used to gain greater and deeper integration within a company and/ or can be used if there is a desire to have a balance of learning and application within the five areas.


530circle“Specific Box Learning” is often employed when a company is having challenges with specific areas or boxes within the 5/30 Grid. If done properly, this can provide a company with very specific and directly targeted efforts, which will produce faster results. This is normally applied after the full 5/30 Grid has been implemented and is not designed to be a quick fix but a strategic application to fine tune and tweak a BOS – Business Operating System – which is already very effective.

Your custom ActionVision plan(s) can employ any one of the four ways to learn and do the 5/30 Grid and/or a combination of all of them.

You can have one ActionVision plan for your entire company or could have every single person on their own ActionVision plan. You can have one of our certified consultants implement the ActionVision plan(s) within your company or you may have key people within your company become certified in ActionVision and implement the system throughout your entire company.

There is unlimited flexibility within ActionVision as each plan is customized specifically for you individually or for your company.

ActionVision One-On-One Coaching Order Form

One-on-one ActionVision business/life development/coaching system has three levels of participation to best meet your specific personal, professional, and business/organizational needs. Which one is right for you? Determine how quickly you would like to see results, the level of results, the intensity/frequency of the coaching, the resources you would like devoted to your success, and your budget. Chose the level of participation which will provide you the best value for the investment in the time frames you desire.

Basic Intermediate Advanced
One-On-One Coaching
$285 $985 $2,100
12 Month Custom Plan:
OPTIONAL Upgrade: (1)
1. Once-a-month one-on-one coaching
2. Detailed assessment
3. 12 Month personalized/customized plan
4. 24/7 on-line university courses
5. 1 weekly group coaching
6. Weekly one-on-one coaching
7. Assessments in multiple areas
8. 2 ½ Year system to get business to work w/o you
9. 2 weekly group coaching sessions
10. 1 Master Mind MAGIC monthly meeting
11. Quarterly Business Masteries LIVE events
12. WEEKLY Team Building Coaching
13. Unlimited personal assessments throughout year
14. Long-term life/business legacy plan
15. Unlimited weekly group coaching sessions
16. Team/Leadership coaching
17. 5 Business Areas – 5 Time Freedom Fighters
18. Team Culture on-line value transfer system
19. Product/Service-IP/Intellectual Property coaching
20. Succession plan/coaching/mentoring
21. Quarterly live mastermind small group coaching

Interested in finding out more or ordering? Please fill out the registration form and we will contact you

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One common question is “What level is the best one for me to get started with?”

The 3 Steps To Success Principle Is:

  1. Examination
  2. Solution
  3. Implementation

Just like a doctor will never give you a solution without doing the examination, the same thing is true in developing a BOS – Business Operating System – through ActionVision. Step 1: The Examination can be a short series of questions or can be a much more complex series of assessments, it totally depends on what your needs are.

Step 2: The Solution normally involves three types of solutions, a basic, intermediate, and advanced. The basic is a great place to start if you are not sure what you want to do, you are the type of person who needs to understand everything before you get started, you do not have a sense of urgency, and/or finances are very tight. The Intermediate is for someone who tends to move very quickly, follows their gut feel, and/or has a strong urgency, and trusts themselves and others.

Step 3: Implementation can be done quickly or can take a much longer period of time, depending on how urgent you would like to improve your company/success and how important change is to you. The higher the level of implementation the faster change will occur.

“Trust the integrity of the System!”
Tom Kunz, Past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.

Basic Intermediate Advanced
One-On-One Coaching
$285 $985 $2,100

12 Month Custom Plan:



OPTIONAL Upgrade: (1)

Those individuals who desire faster results, are more passionate, can clearly see how the system will benefit them and those who are able to make the additional investment are those who tend to move forward with the upgraded levels. If your budget does not afford the Optional Upgrade PLEASE DO NOT chose that option. Faster is better as long as it is the best thing to do and we have the capacity to do more in less time.


Optional Upgrade – Intermediate – $895/mo

This valuable upgrade adds to the Basic ActionVision, coaching each and every week. Every week work with an executive coach, one on one, on any of the 30 boxes within The 5/30 Grid, any area within the DNA for PEOPLE, DNA for LIFE and/or anyone of the many life and business changing white papers.

This popular upgrade adds four times the coaching for a slightly higher monthly investment. Invite referral partners to your own personal coaching sessions and/or to your group mastermind coaching sessions to build your businesses together.

Optional Upgrade – Intermediate – $2,150/mo

Do you ever feel you do not have enough time in the day to implement all your great ideas and/or you know you should be doing key things to better work “On” your business rather than working ”In” your business?

The Upgrade Option for intermediate taps into VA’s – virtual assistants that Synergy contracts with and leverages those additional resources to complete one NEW business development project a quarter without you doing any of the work.

Imagine . . . not only having a great plan but some valuable skilled resources which could actually do the work, follow through on things, take action where you do not have the desire,

Optional Upgrade – Advanced – $4,700/mo

Having a great plan and great coaching is an excellent place to start. Having additional resources which are proven in helping get things done faster and with less effort is even better. In the Upgrade Option for Advanced, you will have access to key highly trained/
skilled VA – Virtual Assistants – which will actually do a lot of the work on your behalf.

Others who have selected this option have shared that having this option is like having a team of five, full time, highly trained/skilled professionals come in at one time to build and implement the 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries + Natural Laws.

Your plan will include having others around you to start to do more and to have your ActionVision coaching team do a lot of the work on your behalf. In addition to the 5/30 Grid, the advanced includes an entire area of Leadership development as well as Profitable
Partnership development.

Service Overview

ActionVision – BASIC

530gridsmallStep 1: Examination: The basic includes doing one Business X-Ray which looks at three dimensions, 7 systems, 9 major areas of business, and over 40 areas of business/personal assessment. A one-on-one interviewing session is also included in this package.

Step 2: Solutions: Once a thorough examination is completed, a detailed customized ActionVision plan will be developed to assist, provide detailed actions, process and systems required for the individual to move to the next level of success.

Step 3: Implementation: A certified ActionVision Executive coach will train, coach and mentor professionals to assist in the fulfillment of the necessary actions/process/ systems to accomplish the required goals. The ActionVision plan will measure the overall efforts being invested to accomplish the desired results as well as the actual results. Individuals receive one-on-one, group, and 24/7 on-line coaching.

Your first year on ActionVision – Basic coaching program, in most situations, will teach how to set up the six cornerstone boxes (Diagonal Learning) within the 5/30 Grid and then follow through on what we learn.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Basic level ActionVision plans may be used by anyone within an organization but are normally used for frontline individuals. Managers and leaders will normally start off using the Intermediate levels due to the more advanced assessment tools, the more complex planning, and the higher level of coaching.



530gridgreyStep 1: Examination: We start off, in the Intermediate ActionVision level, with a custom team assessment. This assessment looks at each team member’s personality (Personality Masteries) as well as key team indicators, and overall coachability within the team and for each team member.

In the Intermediate ActionVision, additional focus will also be given to assessing other individuals who are connected to the individual doing ActionVision.

This could include employees, partners, virtual assistants, referrals partners, etc. Assessment tools will also assess the five areas:

Area 1: Marketing – How do we generate more and better leads?
Area 2: Pre-Sales – How do we convert more prospects into clients?
Area 3: The Sale – How do we convert prospects faster?
Area 4: Servicing – How do we turn servicing into a profit center?
Area 5: Clients for Life – How do we obtain more referrals and create clients for life?

Assessments will happen throughout the year and are included in the initial investment, in
combination with the monthly investment.


Step 2: Solutions: Your custom ActionVision intermediate plan will be developed which may include customized training for the entire team in – Culture & Values – Vision – Belief & Knowledge – DO – GIVE – Our Legacy. Personality Masteries, team building, and
processes to improve personal and professional success may also be included in some of the training/coaching as well.

Depending on the number of individuals using ActionVision in a group, custom group coaching sessions may be developed based on specific team/leadership needs and/or strategic individual group coaching sessions may be recommended for individuals connected
to the professional being coached.

Intermediate ActionVision will help set up stronger systems in less time to do more with less energy. If we think of the five areas as a pipeline with five pipes, we are seeking to increase the size of each of the pipes and maximize the bandwidth or the flow through each pipe,
which maximizes overall profitability.


time fighteStep 3: Implementation: Each individual is assigned a lead coach and also has access to a team of certified ActionVision executive coaches who will assist the individual in applying the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters – Delegate, Systematize, Contract Out, Hire Someone, and Partner, and fully integrate the six levels of Leadership into the 5/30 Grid.

Your ActionVision coaching team:

Will build details laying out each action on the ActionVision plan.

4stepscutWill assist in applying the 4 Steps to Great Leadership and determine who the best people are to execute the actions and how to best do each action.

Will provide a monthly assessment of progress.

Will when needed, provide support to develop internal mastermind groups who will be established, trained, and coached to address specific areas within the company/organization.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Intermediate ActionVision plans tend to be used by leaders and owners within a company. There are more assessments, more detailed plans, more tools, systems, and processes which are available to those in the Intermediate ActionVision plans.

Individuals who are on the Intermediate level of ActionVision do not necessarily need to invest more time, as the system is designed to help you capture 3 extra hours for every 1 hour invested into the three types of coaching.

ActionVision – Advance

The Advanced ActionVision level is designed for those who desire to set up the most advanced systems to take their IP – Intellectual Property, their knowledge, systems, and BOS – Business Operating System – and leverage that for massive success. This could include expanding their system around the nation/world, partnering with others, and/or greatly expanding their operations.


530bigIn most situations individuals/companies are not accepted into this level until they have successfully been involved in Intermediate ActionVision coaching. We can build a system which is successful for you but to build on that universally requires advanced understanding and technology to achieve that success.

Step 1: Examination: Online technology assessments will be utilized to assist leaders in obtaining key information about themselves and team members. Advanced assessments will be completed individually as well as from a team’s perspective. Special assessment tools may be used to review leadership skills, use of technology, and effectiveness for individuals within a team, along with powerful proven assessments used to discover the best practices throughout the entire team.

Step 2: Solutions: A custom ActionVision plan will be developed, which will often include customized training for team/ referral partners in Personality Masteries, team building, and processes to improve personal/ professional success. Online technology and media will be used to discover the best solutions and best practices which are required to assist the leadership team/referral partners achieve their overall vision for the team.

NatLawsLogoStep 3: Implementation: A team of certified ActionVision executive coaches will assist with the implementation of the advanced ActionVision plan. Best practices along with Natural Laws will be captured and then put into a technology solution which will increase the effectiveness of future training, coaching, and mentoring. The system will actually capture best practices
from the leader and those best practices will be brought into the overall system.

There are over 200 Natural Laws which have been discovered over the last 20+ years. These Natural Laws are critical to the success of any BOS system being used in multiple situations and with multiple types of people.

bosYour ActionVision coaching team:

  • Will build details laying out each action on the ActionVision plan for:– Area 1: Marketing
    – Area 2: Pre-Sales
    – Area 3: The Sale
    – Area 4: Servicing
    – Area 5: Client For Lifeto determine the best way to get these five areas to function in the
    most effective manner without the business owner.
  • Will assist you in applying the 4 Steps to Great Leadership and determine who the best people are to execute the actions and how to best do each action.
  • Will when needed, provide support to develop internal mastermind groups who will be established, trained, and coached to address specific areas within the company/organization.
  • Will provide a quarterly detailed assessment of progress and a detailed revised plan to achieve additional success in every future quarter.
  • Will then put best practices into a turn-key online technology solution which will have strong scalability, will lower costs and save people time, all while increasing effectiveness of individuals and the team as a whole.
  • Is ideal for the high-level individual with unique knowledge skills, networks, connections, personalities, wisdom, insights, etc. who would like to take their knowledge base and turn it into Intellectual Properly (IP) and monetize that on a mass basis.

Something Interesting To Think About


So . . . if we have a problem, we have created it at the dimension we are currently living and/or working in. To solve that problem, we will need to jump to the next dimension/level.

So . . . since we are in the level or dimension we are in, we do not know what we do not know, so . . we will not fully see/understand the solution when it is presented to us.

We often get stuck earning the same level of income, at the same level of sales/profits, and wonder why we are stuck. A better question is “What actions do we need to do to get unstuck?”

Believe it or not, the answer is very easy to communicate to others, but very hard for us to do . . .

“Trust the Integrity of the System!”
Tom Kunz
Past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.

For additional information call 888.230.2300

Most of the training/coaching/mentoring will be completed over the phone/internet and webinars. All travel/lodging expenses, for any required travel, will be billed separately.

There may be other specific projects/work which a company will request additional
assistance for, over-and-above what is covered on the team ActionVision program. Separate projects/work may be done on a contract basis and could be billed on a project and/or hourly basis.

Our businesses are at a certain level or dimension of success which generate the sales/ profit/income that we currently are  producing, and require us to work the hours we work.

To double our income, we need to move from our current dimension to the next. To do that, we will need to have the right type of knowledge – coaching – systems – tools – and mentoring done with us, at the right time, in the right way.

The more intense the coaching (higher level of ActionVision) the faster someone will move through their current dimension to the next.

To determine which level is best for you ask yourself the following questions:

1. $_________ WOW income (something great) over next 12 months:
[__] – Profit, [__] – Sales, [__] – Personal Income

2. Targeted Increase from current: $________

3. Reduce hours work from ____ to ____

4. Reduce stress from ____ to ____

5. Improve life balance from ____ to ____

6. Financial amount I believe I will need and am able to invest to achieve the
goals listed above is:

$___________ – Upfront

$___________ – Monthly