“Reaching beyond our dreams and goals in every area of our life.”

Overview – Mastermind Groups

thinkIn “Think And Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill shares “Whatever the MIND can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, it can ACHIEVE!”

Do you really believe that?

Have you ever had a dream which hasn’t been fully realized?

Do you think it’s time to start going after that dream?

Do you believe that we can accomplish a lot more together than we ever could on our own?

Napoleon Hill, in the 1920’s, revealed the secrets to success and one of those secrets was masterminding with others.

We have found that the best way to gain the most from Integrity Leadership is to mastermind together with others who have/are going through the program.

Surface knowledge is very easy to gain. Deep knowledge only comes from doing, taking action on what we learn.

The weakness of traditional college education is that there is far more HEAD learning than Doing. MBA students are often known by business owners for having a lot of great knowledge / theory but it often does not work.

Throughout Integrity Leadership we will be exposed to natural laws. When we look at systems for building powerful people we can think of there being two major pieces, the person on our team/being hired and the system.

skillsIf the person we’re hiring is an “8” then we only need a system of a “2” whereas if we have a person who is a “6” in skill, quality, integrity, etc. we would need a stronger system, a “4.”

The higher the level of the system the larger the pool of people we are able to choose from.

These and other similar natural laws are areas we cover in mastermind groups. Learning the laws to Integrity Leadership and Career Success are fairly easy to do. Apply these laws in the right way, to the right people, at the right time is what takes a mastermind group some time to do.

This will impact the bottom line in a much more significant fashion. While this takes longer to do than “just increasing the quality of the hire coming in the door,” the business will have greater capacity.

Imagine . . . having the knowledge, the tools, the systems, the network, the designation, and the skills to create Integrity Leadership throughout your entire organization.


When applied properly, natural laws will help us to take our entire team, through Integrity Leadership to a whole new level of success.

Working, connecting, brainstorming together in mastermind groups, helps breathe life into Integrity Leadership to bring this system to life on the most exciting way.

When our entire team has some understanding of the various natural laws as it relates to all areas of the 5/30 Grid we gain stronger buy in and the powerful of different types of thinking from throughout the entire team.

It is very powerful!

Here are a few other favorite natural laws . . .

4 Steps To Great Leadership will help you accomplish a lot more in a lot less time. This process is so powerful there is a book which was written specifically to teach this one natural law.

Throughout the entire book, Personality Masteries has been fully integrated to empower us to best leverage our own natural gifts as well as the gifts of others.


Another recommended reading is “Made To Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath. Did you know that by changing one word, we could double our sales? When you think about it, it’s kind of frightening how even the smallest thing can have a massive change in the results we obtain.


When we learn to create powerful / profitable Business Operating Systems (BOS) through the DNA of the 5/30 Grid we will learn that even changing one word could double the number of leads we are able to generate from the same marketing efforts to the same databases.

Doing more, with less resources, is the key to having Integrity Leadership produce massive results.

Pressure Point Analysis

Do you know what one of the fastest ways to double our sales closing ratios is?

It’s connecting with the prospects more frequently. While this may seem simple most sales professionals and business owners do not know or do this.

Based on university studies the average number of contacts it takes to make a sale is somewhere between 6 and 10 contacts. The average salesperson will only make 1 to 2 contacts. If it takes 10 contacts to make a sale and we only make 9, we have done 90% of the work, but will end up earning nothing.


There are hundreds of these types of strategies that really do not cost a company anything to implement and mastermind groups will reveal these secrets.

We MUST know these natural laws or all the other brilliant effort we put in will be wasted which will cause us to lose business opportunities.

Marketing Model


When we understand the science behind behavior of large groups of people and how to influence a group’s behavior to the benefit of the customer and those we are working with, we create WIN WIN’s.

Most companies are investing all their resources into Phase 4 leads because those are “8” in quality. The challenge with that is that everyone is chasing those leads.

When we learn how to take the successes from Area 4: Servicing and Area 5: Client For Life and plug those properly back into Area 1: Marketing, Area 2: Pre-Sales, and Area 3: The Sale we build a system which will turn Phase 1, 2, and 3 marketing leads from the Marketing Model into prospects a lot faster and more loyal to us.

The 5/30 Solution Grid

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7
G29 G30 G31 G32 G33 G34 G35

To Explore the grid, call 888.230.2300 (Copyright) 1990

In the various training programs we will learn, at the surface level, all these natural laws, principles, and powerful business models such as the 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries.

It is in the mastermind process where we are applying that knowledge right along side others that we deeply learn how to apply each piece of knowledge in the right way, at the right time.

About Your Instructors

Tom Kunz, most recent past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC. has over 35 years of selling experience and building world wide sales teams. Tom lead a world wide sales force of over 140,000 sales professional in over 70 different countries.

Mark Boersma, international speaker, author, and trainer will present over 100 natural laws, systems, tools, processes, and techniques to help you build a sales system/process that will change the way you sell.

What shape do you like the most?

Square Tri
Circle Wavy

What would cause you the most frustration?

Order control
Conflct Boring

Have you ever learned something new and exciting, had the greatest intentions and then did not follow through? Why do we invest all the time to learn things and then not take action on what we do?

These are good questions but the best question probably is, “What do I need to do which will insure that I am most likely to follow through on what I have or will learn from this course?”

To see success in follow through we have found, as Napoleon Hill did, that Mastermind groups are a very powerful resource to help us take action on what we know we should be doing. In becoming a successful business owner and/or professional, we must have what are called the 5 H’s To Success.

5H(H1) – HOPE – The HOPE and belief that we will be successful.
(H2) – Heart – The Head knowledge to know what actions we need to take
(H3) – Heart – Our Life Vision discovered, then plugged into actions.
(H4) – Hands – We MUST take action – right actions – right way – right time
(H5) – HELP – Deep knowledge and wisdom comes from helping others

While some wait to join a Mastermind group until after they complete all the lessons in a course, we encourage you to join a group as soon as you complete a Mastermind survey. Another Mastermind member will help you find the right Mastermind group.

A Mastermind group helps us learn from others, network with others, grow from the experiences of others and gain input into how we can be the most successful, in the least amount of time, with the least effort.

Napoleon Hill in his bestselling books “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Law of Success” communicates the power of participating in a Mastermind group. This next step is critical to success and it’s important to start immediately. The faster we gain input, experience, wisdom and encouragement from others, the faster we will start on our journey.

The faster we start on our journey of success, the greater success we will have. Yes . . . I know that we have a lot on our plate. Yes . . . I know that we can come up with a million excuses as to why we are not not able to even invest 30 minutes into something which will change the way we do business and live forever. Yes . . . there are fears and thoughts and “great” reasons why now is not the best time to do it.

Yes . . . we have fed ourselves the deception that while we are not going to do it now for whatever reason, we will do it later. Why we think we will have more time later, how we will have more money later, why later will be a better time than now, is a mystery to all of us. What is kind of crazy is the fact that we actually believe ourselves, in spite of the fact that we have probably told ourselves this for years and we still have not taken action.

If we really want to “Own a Company” rather than “Own A Job” we need to take action today and join a Mastermind group right now. Those in the Mastermind group will help us to eliminate our excuses as they have probably had the same excuses in the past and won’t let us off the hook. This is actually what each one of us often needs to see success in this area.

Online Mastermind Survey

There are three simple levels within the Mastermind community. Within 24 hours of completing the survey you will be contacted by your own personal mentor who will assist you in finding a Mastermind group that is right for you. You will be given an assessment, some basic tools and then your online personal account will be activated to provide you with 24/7 access to the online university. You’ll also be given the times for your Mastermind group and all applicable information.

Your personal mentor will assist you to quickly get introduced to others in the Mastermind group/community and assist you in gaining the most from the experience.

Level 1: Basic

* Access to one weekly live Mastermind group call/webinar
* Recordings for your mastermind group call if you are not able to attend
* Network to connect, receive and give help
Long Term Commitment: None
Monthly Investment: $195/month

Upgrade Level 1b: $295/month
* Everything in Level 1 Basic plus . . .
* Email support to any area of the 5/30 Grid
* Special monthly event invitation to you and your network

Upgrade Level 1c: $395/month
* Everything in Level 1 and Level 1b Basic plus . . .
* Phone support to any area of the 5/30 Grid
* Support to set up your own mastermind OR LIVE Event
* Access to your network to special SPEED Coaching sessions

Please Choose one of the following for your Monthly Package.

NOTE: If you are not able to afford the $195/month there are other nonprofit
run mastermind groups you can attend where there are no costs.

Level 2: Intermediate
* Everything which is available in Level 1 . . . PLUS
* A customized personal/professional business/life plan
* One on One coaching and support, as needed, to implement your plan
* Access to online training content – thousands of hours are available
Long Term Commitment: 3 Months
Monthly Investment: $495/month

Level 3: Advanced
* Everything which is available in Level 1 and 2 . . . PLUS
* Advanced customized business plan
* Specialized tools, online resources and systems for each of the 5 areas along with     the 30 boxes of the 5/30 Grid
* Full Business Assessment, 12 month customized ActionVision plan
* Access to a team of Virtual Assistants to assist you implement the cornerstone of the     5/30 Grid for helping you to get your business to run without you
Long Term Commitment: 12 Month
Monthly Investment: $1,495/month

5303dAll business Mastermind groups, group coaching, and One on One coaching are run based on the 5/30 Grid. The 5/30 Grid is designed to be easy to understand and powerful when implemented properly. To achieve the success that we desire in our business, we MUST have all five areas at the same level.

Our businesses are like a pipeline with each of the five areas being one of the five pipes. If we desire to increase our overall profit we need all five pipes to have the same capability. We are only as strong as our weakest pipe. There are many ways to obtain the knowledge, i.e. the Head knowledge, required to see success in each of these five areas.

One on One coaching , Mastermind groups , group coaching , and online learning are ways to obtain the knowledge and then assist you in following through to take action on what you have learned. Click on each box of the 5/30 Grid to see individual lessons available for each area of learning.

The 5/30 Solution Grid

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7
G29 G30 G31 G32 G33 G34 G35

To Explore the grid, call 888.230.2300 (Copyright) 1990

One on One Coaching
This is the fastest way to learn and implement the 5/30 Grid. A detailed business assessment is completed from which a 12 month customized plan is created. One on One coaching includes One on One coaching sessions, group coaching, and access to a large amount of learning resources online. Mastermind package #2 and #3 both include One on One coaching. ActionVision coaching is also available and is often pursued by those who desire to do more, faster, with the help of others.

ActionVision Video – 27 Minutes – Click Here
ActionVision Product Overview – Three levels of one-on-one coaching – More Information

Mastermind groups
Individuals gain the most from a Mastermind group when they have a written personal/business plan, have one on one coaching, and have the resources to quickly implement and take action on what they have learned. Mastermind groups can be local or worldwide. The most effective Mastermind groups seem to be those which are 30 to 60 minutes in length, done over the phone/webinar, and have some base curriculum which the group learns and applies together.

Mastermind groups can be centered around interests, business opportunities, professions, industries – CPA’s, causes – stopping child trafficking, groups of people – churches/community groups, etc.

Group coaching
Group coaching is designed to coach a group of people in a similar topic, practice or skill and then work together to master that skill as a group. Mastermind groups may employ some group coaching to effectively move the group along a mutual path of success faster. Group coaching is used a great deal in learning and doing the 5/30 Grid as well as learning other types of business practices.

Online learning
Online learning is the most flexible of all coaching, as it can be done 24/7. The flexibility is both it’s greatest strength as well as it’s greatest weakness. Often great group coaching and even some Mastermind groups are captured with technology, for others to go through at their convenience or at a later time. Individuals can leverage online learning to learn and grow much faster.

When online learning is used with One on One coaching, Mastermind groups, and group coaching, it will accelerate the learning/doing process and give it a multiplier effect. Online learning requires the most discipline to do and do consistently, and most individuals struggle with staying consistent with online learning due to the flexibility and trying to do it on our own.