2. E-VA’s – Executive Virtual Assistants – Do the work for you! .


“E-VA’s will build your BOS – Business Operating System – and then run it. We earn more money without having to do the work to build and maintain the systems.”

The E-VA (Executive Virtual Assistant) program is so challenging to graduate that only 18% of those who enter the program graduate. Those who graduate have the knowledge, the discipline, the tools, the systems and the networks to help you accomplish more in six months than most will accomplish in decades.

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Why E-VA’s Are So Successful

We complete a comprehensive assessment on you and your business. From that assessment we develop a customized business and life plan designed specifically for you. Plans can be built for individuals or company or specific positions.

We architect / engineer your ActionVision plan to develop a BOS – Business Operating System, the engine which will help individuals to often double income, reduce the number of hours worked, reduce one’s stress and improve one’s life balance.