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Do you feel you have so much potential that just isn’t being tapped?

Write down the biggest three challenges you are currently facing. Imagine . . . having more time and more money. Would that help all three of your biggest challenges be taken care of? An E-VA (Executive Virtual Assistant) is not a secretary or really even an assistant but really more like a highly trained, skilled special ops person. The certification they go through is so tough that only 18% of those who enter the program have the work ethic, the intelligence, the drive, the passion and the personal discipline to graduate from the program.

Life Masteries Institute (LMI) is a non profit IRS approved 501c3 organization. LMI has developed what many business leaders / owners are saying is the most advanced people development system in the world. Business leaders / owners are gaining more time, working less hours and earning more money / generating higher profits. LMI requested one business owner who is contracting with nine E-VA companies currently to share his successes and all that he’s learned over the 5+ years to help other business owners see greater success.

We would like to thank Mark Boersma, Synergy Solutions, Inc. and many other business leadership and owners through Legacy Partners who have most generously volunteered their time and resources to assist the certification program be what it is today. If you don’t know where to start, complete a simple inexpensive Business X-Ray. We would also strongly recommend that you contract with a certified ActionVision consultant to assist you in building a detailed plan for a BOS – Business Operating System

How To Get The Most From An E-VA
“Executive Virtual Assistant”