Is your printing company looking for new profit centers? Do you feel that you and your employees could be running more effectively, but you don’t have the time or resources to figure out how to make that happen?

Connect with other like minded professionals in this unique mastermind group to ask questions, share thoughts and best practices. As a printer are you using your powerful network of other business owners to gain a massive number of referrals. Did you know the average business owners knows over 5,500 people? Imagine . . . having a system which could take into all your clients, clients and networks?

If you would find value in one of the members, in this mastermind group, to provide a complimentary 30 minute Strategy Session please complete a few short questions online and one of the members will connect with you.

Biggest Challenges

One of the things our clients / networks love is that we help printers learn how to leverage their large networks to create new revenue steams and create WIN WIN WIN opportunities for everyone they know as well as themselves. We assist printers in developing systems which create new revenue streams, increase high quality lead generation, obtain more referrals, create profitable partnerships, hire the right people and help to improve leadership and management skills. Check out just a few of the stories of other printers.

Sales Success
“I wished I had moved forward with Sales Success nine months ago. It would have helped me close hundreds of thousands of dollars of business faster and would have saved me so much money, as an owner, in hiring the right sales people. I will never hire another sales person without the help of Synergy and their network again. Amazing program!”


David Thompson

Sales Success
“My recommendation to others . . . ‘Do NOT Wait, just take action and go through the Sales Success course!’ This course is helping me to not procrastinate, to take faster action in all areas of my business, to learn how to generate more leads, convert more of those leads into actual sales, close those leads faster and do it with less work and fewer hours. I wish I had taken this course years ago. One other tip. If you go through this course while you are going through the 5/30 Grid training and ActionVision coaching, it will blow your mind.”

Ron Versteeg

5/30 Grid & Business X-Ray
“Have you ever experienced a great deal of success . . . but still knew, deep down, that you were not anywhere close to achieving your full potential? We as co-owners knew this, but were unsure of what specific actions we needed to take to achieve our full potential. When we saw the 5/30 Grid we could tell that someone had done a lot of work to simplify the very complex parts of a business into a simple to understand business operating system. After we completed the complementary 30 minute interview/strategy session, we didn’t even need to think about taking the next step of the Business X-Ray.

We were surprised by the low cost of the x-ray and how thorough it was. It pinpointed precisely where our personal strengths and weaknesses were through the simplest assessment we have ever seen, and set the foundation for precisely how we could increase our sales by 79%. We were amazed by how quickly things moved.

If a company only did the Business X-Ray they would learn so much as a result of just doing that. We decided to move very quickly to do more and have a Level 2 ActionVision completed on our behalf. This was turned around so fast that we started implementation that very same day. Twenty-four hours later we had a detailed survey for our employees which evaluated each one of their personalities, their strengths, and weaknesses. It asked for their input on leadership and how we might be able to better assist them in reaching their full potential, which directly connects back to us increasing our sales by 79%.

In all the years we have been in business we have never seen a process that was so simple while being so thorough and so quick to implement.

We’re wondering if we should raise our goals even higher.”

Jerry Hays & David Vaughan

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Action Vision Coaching
“I am part of an amazing company, with amazing people, and amazing tools and technology . . . which is why I was drawn to Synergy/ActionVision. For months I sat back and watched in amazement as they applied the 5/30 Grid with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. I have been part of other coaching programs over the years and while helpful, it seemed like they were teaching theory and not doing the things they were teaching.

Looking back now, I should have taken action much sooner, because I see how quickly the return can happen. Because it’s customized specifically to me and my company, my personal and professional goals, my dreams and my vision for my company, it not only helps me increase my sales, but saves me money as well. I will NEVER hire another person again without putting them through the Synergy interview. I’ve never seen anything like it! I am amazed!”

David Thompson

ActionVision Coaching
“I had heard a lot about one on one coaching over the years, but just never pulled the trigger. When I talked to Synergy nine months ago, I should have pulled the trigger right away. I guess I had a fear that it would not work or maybe, at the time, I thought that I could not afford it. The TRUTH is that I paid for it during those nine months in lost revenue by not getting the results and I didn’t even know it. I wish I would have gotten a bill each and every month for what I was missing by NOT being on ActionVision coaching. I have never experienced anything like this in my life or my career in owning a company. DO NOT think about it as long as I did, just take action!”

Ron Versteeg