The Action Card – Military Mastermind

What is the biggest challenge I am currently facing? Is it being overwhelmed, fear, depression, worry about departing the military, financial, relational . . . or something else?

Life Masteries Institute is a non profit organization committed to helping military / veterans.

starfishWe learn “The power of leaderless organizations.” Being part of the military we have a bond with one another.

If used properly, we can solve any challenge / problem, together far better, than we ever could on our own. Get engaged!

We Will Learn & Do . . .
● Discover Our Life Vision
● Gain confidence
● Turn Passions into $ $ $
● Overcome self doubt / anger
● Pursue our passions
● Determine our destiny
● Live our Life Vision daily

Military Mastermind is really a leaderless organization. We as a group of military professionals and veterans understand, as Albert Einstein said “You can never solve a problem on which it was created.”
What does this mean? It means that each one of us need to take personal ownership of our challenges / problems and we need to become gap jumpers, and jump to The NEXT Dimension, to solve the problems we’ve created in the dimension we currently think in.

“The Action Card”
We look forward to connecting…

My Story… “I smile when people say ‘Frank you must be so proud of your three
sons who are all in special forces because they are so disciplined. I as their
father know they are not as disciplined as people think they are, they submit
themselves to a disciplined system, which creates success!”
Frank Forte

FREE Mastermind Group
Every Saturday for 30 minutes
10:00 am (et), 9:00 (ct), 8:00 (mt), 7:00 (pt)
– 712-775-7031
– Code: 688-592#

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