“Mark’s ability to quickly help business owners design and and build BOS – Business Operating Systems to enable the business to run without the owner is truly remarkable. As past president of the largest real estate franchise in the world, I have never experienced anything like the DNA for PEOPLE, DNA for BUSINESS and the DNA for LIFE.”


Tom Kunz

Past President , CENTURY 21

“It’s like he was able to tap into my very DNA and understood me at a level deeper than some people who have known me my whole life. Immediately after our 30 minute session, I sent a text say “I want to do what Mark is doing!” and I’m doing it now!

Misty Reynolds

"The 30 minute Strategy Session with Mark changed my life forever!”

As a guest to Smart Wealth Radio, Mark shares some very interesting insights on two radio broadcasts on Personality Masteries and how it relates to how people people view money.

“Mark’s involvement in Legacy Partners is been key to helping me change the way I think and is helping me to take my CPA / Accounting firm to a whole new level of success. I have never experienced anything like it.”


Ken Bucci

"Mark's involvement in Legacy Partners is been key to helping me change the way I think”

“Mark helps people to see things that are life and business changing. He is truly a dimensional thinker and seeks to help all those around him with Dimensional Living“


More thoughts from Alan!

Alan Stein

“Mark’s insight and techniques are a powerful force to be reckoned with – after just one conversation I walked away with a better understanding of some of the things that drive, inspire and motivate me.“

Belén (Bella) Cusi

“I asked Mark how he stays so present during phone calls… it seems I stumped him a bit.

I actually live at a Zen center and we meditate a lot. I’m a part time practitioner. A major part of the reason we sit so much is to become present – to our own lives – both inner and outer. That can lead to being present with others.

I’ve met more than a few monks and nuns and other practitioners and Mark seems to be more present more of the time than really most of them. It’s amazing and rather cool.

He did say this, after stating he’s not ‘in the present much.’

“Today is yesterday’s future and tomorrow’s past.” Which I love and only hints at how he does it.

Thanks, Mark, for who you’ve allowed yourself to be.”

Anne Wayman

“Mark helped me discover my life vision and that changed my business and my life. For years, I’ve had a successful CPA / accounting practice, a successful marriage, family and friends . . . but felt I was missing something. The discovery of my life vision gave me the ‘deep why’ as to the importance of implementing systems to earn more money and work less hours.“

Randy Eikermann


“If you are looking for a methodology and structure to move your business and life forward, I would recommend working with Mark to achieve your goals.

Mark is a focused, determined, driven business man who has a strong desire to share his many years of experience with those who strive to succeed. He has a broad base of knowledge to share with small business owners in all industries.“

Karen Carlson

“Mark has a great understanding of the aspects of businesses and is able to analyze the personalities of people and combines these two to help your understand your business. He really is interested in helping all people succeed and gain additional understanding of their business and more importantly themselves.”

Scott Jongsma

“Mark has helped me and so many other people I know start their own companies, it’s pretty amazing actually! I have never seen anyone who has the ability to assess people and situations so quickly and communicate solutions in a most amazing fashion.

Yes . . . I realize I’m probably prejudice, as Mark is my father. 🙂 People often ask me, ‘Is your dad really who he seems to be? I laugh and say ‘He’s actually more!’ He is even more caring than he seems to be, more aggressive, more passionate, and attentive to details, and has the biggest heart of anyone in the world! I can assure you, you will never meet anyone like him in your life, every!”

GingerAnne Collins


“For a long time, I “saw” or thought I saw Mark as a business owner trying to make a living for his family, just like all the rest of us are. I thought his primary goal was the same as most people in the world- to make money so he could support himself and retire at some point to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Then I started to “see” that this was just a reflection of where I MYSELF WAS AT.

I started to SEE that as being only on the superficial exterior. The DEEPER REALITY was and is something that I am completely unfamiliar with and still struggle sometimes to accept- that Mark is coming from a much a different place- a place that is very different than the rest of us. I do not have much access to this place. It is a place with a different conception of SELF. Where real service to mankind is the driving force not concerns with my own life issues. Hard to even imagine what this would mean to me if I were to attempt to live so differently. Much has to done first though before I could even reach the dimension where this could be a reality not just imagination. See, it is not really about making more money, doubling your income or being more successful. I started to catch glimpses of something much, much deeper. Like peering into another dimension for moments. This is what we are really being led to.”

Alan Stein

Dimensional Living Mastermind Group