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Great Question . . .
How will this help me with my relationships?

My Story . . .
I love to connect with people!  Yes, I was concerned about how to increase sales and overall profitability without question, but I was most concerned about how this would help me improve and grow my relationships.

What’s most interesting to me is that I learned that “The Examination” process is something that I should be doing better in my business.  I was amazed at how deep people could know me and how fast I got to know, like and trust the individual who interviewed me.

It’s like they really weren’t trying to sell me anything but were seeking to get to know me so they could give me a recommendation which would change the way I do business and give me more time for my loved ones.

I now totally see how this process will help me to have better and more relationships.  I wish I would have discovered this years ago.

I see this now!  The process . . . really is all about building lifelong amazing relationships!

Jewel Pendergrass
Century 21 LeMac Realty

Examination - Step 1

Just like a doctor will never give us a prescription without doing an examination we need to SEE the most valuable data in order to discover the best solution.

There are four levels of examinations.

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