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Great Question . . .
What’s the difference between the strategy session and X-Ray?

My Story . . .
The 30 minute Strategy Session was without question powerful.  The Business X-Ray is what really amazed me.  Honestly, knowing what I know now, I would have just jumped right into the Business X-Ray.

As a CPA, I’ve seen a lot of assessment tools and I’ve never seen anything like the Business X-Ray.  It shared things that I’ve often wondered about in my business but couldn’t figure it out.  When I heard about the story of the business owner who had paid over $40,000 for consulting and the Business X-Ray did more for him than the $40,000+ on consulting fees, I totally understood that.

I’m now referring everyone of my clients to the Business X-Ray because of not only the value it gives them but also how it helps me to better assist them.

I found it hard to trust the integrity of the system, but I’m a believer now and it’s changing the way I think and my business.  Trust the integrity of the system.

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Kenneth J Bucci CPA,
Bucci & Associates

Strategy Session - Step 2

There is a free 30 minute Strategy Session which covers Level 1 & 2 questions OR a much more advanced assessment which is a Level 3 & 4 for a slight charge.

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