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Great Question . . .
What if I don’t follow through?

My Story . . .
Being the President of the largest real estate franchise in the world, I’ve seen about every system the world and I’ve never seen anything like ActionVision and the entire BOS – Business Operating System.

We had over 140,000 sales professionals and this system is so simple that every agent could have followed through on the system!  It’s that easy!

Individuals actually will pay for the system either way.  If they invest into the systems they will invest some dollars and get a great return.  If individuals do not invest, they will still pay for it in the massive amount of sales they will lose as a result of not having the systems and tools in place.

Invest and make money as a result or don’t and pay a much larger price and never know how much it’s costing us.  It’s really that simple.

I always told our agents, “Trust the integrity of the system!”

Tom Kunz
Past President

Solutions - Step 3

Once we have completed a Level 4 examination we’re ready to determine what the best solution is to get from where we are to where we want / need to be.  The better the examination the better the solution!

Take Action