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Committing to following the system or really anything in life, is critical to success!

The commitment is for my benefit not for the benefit of others!

We often fail to commit and follow through and then wonder why we don’t succeed.

In the past, I’ve committed quickly to things and then have dropped out.  I’m committed for life to following and trusting the integrity of the system!

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Commitment Challenges for the Analytic

We as analytic personalities often fear committing to something because we don’t have all the details, there are gaps, we fear unpredictable results and we tend to fear making wrong decisions.

What I’ve discovered is that the analytic and amiable personality often make very large mistakes, but those mistakes aren’t known to us and others, as they are costly mistakes of not taking action.

We’ll never get a bill for actions we don’t take, for overthinking things and/or for procrastinating.  We’ll never realize at an intellectual level, precisely why we aren’t earning more money and working less hours.  We’ll just have this nagging feeling deep down inside us, a gut feeling that we’re not living up to our full potential.

Trust the integrity of the system, commit and take quick action.  We as analytic’s need to learn to trust our gut feel, our intuition and the integrity of the system and commit to following through!

Commitment Challenges for the Driver

We as driver personalities can commit to something quickly as we often see the big picture and quickly see how things fit into our goals.

Often our challenge is getting those around us to do the same.  The integrity of the BOS – Business Operating System has been forged in deep truth from decades of applying BOS to all types of industries from all around the world.

What’s interesting to me is the large role our secondary personality plays in either helping us to commit faster to the right things and/or then staying committed as we continue to build and fine tune our BOS.  Personality Masteries Level 1 Certification is a simple, easy and inexpensive online certification course that everyone should take advantage of.

Committing to a personalized / customized ActionVision plan is a great start and then adding E-VA (Executive Virtual Assistants) to do the work for us makes all the sense in the world.  It will help us to move from “Owning a Job” to “Owning a Company!

Commitment Challenges for the Amiable

Do you ever feel that you’re way too flexible?  Do you ever feel that you give into people too quickly, that you commit to things / people maybe when you shouldn’t and don’t commit when you should?

If you’ve ever felt that way, then you’re like me and you’ll love this system.  It’s weird . . . kind of . . . in that I’m really stubborn at times when I shouldn’t be and then really flexible at times I should be solid.

The system covers all this and you can trust the integrity of the system.  From one amiable to another . . . JUST COMMIT!

No one will push you to do things that you don’t want to do or should do.  If you want to do something you can and if you don’t, you don’t.  Yes, the system will help us to see and take personal ownership for our own choices, both good and bad and will help us to be more driven when we should be and less stubborn when appropriate.

My commitment has helped me to learn that by pushing myself harder when I should, that I see an abundance of success in many areas I’ve struggled with in the past.

Commitment Challenges for the Expressive

My experience as an expressive is that we “commit” quickly but then often don’t follow through well.  It’s like we see all the amazing and exciting things that could be done through the implementation of systems . . . but then don’t really commit at a deep level in following through.

One of the things I love about the integrity of the system is that there is a lot of flexibility built into the BOS and I can use my creativity, energies and passions to choose the best path and if I choose a different path, I’m free to do that.

I believe that for me, at least, having made a lifelong commitment to following through with the system that gives me confidence that I will never quit, I’ll find my own path and gain the benefits from learning from others but will still make it my own.

Commit to the highest possible solution you are able to, follow through in a very strong way and gain the benefits from your commitment and you’ll see the success that we all know is in us.