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Great Question . . .
I seem to get distracted by things and people. How do I get more done?

My Story . . .
I think that thing that often holds me back the most from DOING is that I’m so sensitive to what other people may think of me.

I am learning to focus on “Doing the right thing!” and it’s helping me to have more confidence in taking the right actions in the right ways over the right period of time.

I have had to learn to trust the integrity of the system and my recommendations to others is to do it sooner rather than later.  Not only will we earn a lot more money but we’ll help a lot more people as well.

What I’ve learned is that I can trust the system to create lifelong relationships.  Yes, I might be upset with others or they might be upset with me in the short term but as I understand others and others understand me we can work together for a long term solution which is win win for everyone.

I now DO with so much more confidence and that’s great for business and feels great for me!

Teresa Lekan