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Great Question . . .
How do I not overthink things?

My Story . . .
As an analytic personality type I often tend to overthink things and I’ve know that for years, but often was not able to control it.

I love the SEE – THINK and DO model as it connects directly into the BOS – Business Operating System.  I’ve always thought in the past that I learned in a workshop, seminar or from a book, but I now know that actually, that is only surface learning.

Deep learning or knowledge comes from DOING.  Often when we change our behavior we end up DOING something, taking some type of action, that actually doesn’t work . . . the first time.  This is where the step for committing comes in. Anything that is life and business changing will take some work and the DO is that work!

You’ll hear so many times “I trusted the integrity of the system, and it worked!”  We all seem to get in the way of our own success and this very unique system or process will help you to achieve things that we often never even dreamed of.

How do I not overthink things?  JUST TAKE ACTION . . . RIGHT NOW!

Karen Carlson