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I now take action, I do the DO now rather than thinking about things so much as I have in the past.  My life is far better now!

I now have more confidence and am far more consistent.  

Thank you!


I love the systems as they help me to do the DO and still have a lot of fun and get rid of the things I don’t like to do.

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BIG Do #1
ActionVision BOS Plan

The ActionVision system is the engine, the BOS, which helps my business to run without me doing the work.

As an analytic personality type, having a plan helped me to understand precisely what I needed to do.  It has been like a map to me which is helping me to do the right actions, in the right way, over the right period of time.

Taking this one simple action in creating a customized plan helped me to know precisely what actions I needed to take and has provided me with the tools, the systems and even the network of key business partners I now am able to work with.

BIG Do #2
(Executive Virtual Assistants)

The ActionVision system is like the engineering drawings to build the engine in our business to help us achieve our BIG income goals while working the hours we want to work.

Having the ability to contract with E-VA’s is a dream come true.  Some of my partners are so successful they are now contracting with nine E-VA companies.  E-VA’s are specially trained and certified to actually build our BOS and then do the work in running it.

This gives me the ability to use my thinking, experience and network and leverage the work of others to really own a company, rather than a job and earn money from the efforts of others.

BIG Do #3
Team Building & Development

As we get ourselves on track and our BOS is really doing everything that it was designed to do, we then can start working to help those around us to do the same thing.

This could be employees, vendors, partners, clients, prospects or really anyone we desire to help and/or partner with.

What’s interesting is that as we help others to see greater success, we’ll see far greater success.  As we build out our DNA for PEOPLE and build systems for recruiting, mentoring and developing the best people we start to have the ability to clone ourselves.

With the DNA for BUSINESS, The 5/30 Grid and the DNA for LIFE, we start to understand, at a far deeper level the more we know the more we know we don’t know which gives us a humility as well as a hunger to learn and to do more.  This deep and passionate hunger helps us to understand that we can have a much larger Life Vision which gives us infinite capabilities to see even greater success in every area of our life.

BIG Do #4
Growing & Leverage Network

Imagine . . . having 10x the contacts, 10x the relationships, 10x the systems, resources and people to fulfill our dreams and goals.

We’ve all probably heard . . . “We can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.” but what does that really mean and even harder, “How do we actually do this?”

Once we have our own BOS, we are then in position to help others around us build their BOS and then integrate our BOS together.

We can actually turn everything we’ve built within our BOS into separate profit centers and connect our ActionVision plans together, have our E-VA’s create partnerships on our behalf with other companies who have E-VA’s and other clients who our E-VA’s are working with.

If you could be doing anything in the world, what would you love to do each and every day?  Connecting all our systems with others will help everyone in our network to see greater success.