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Great Question . . .
How do I get over being so worried about

what everyone else thinks?

My Story . . .
The unique system is rock solid and that helps me to have the confidence that I know what I’m doing.

This helps me to have the confidence that while people may think I’m doing something wrong, that over time, they will see that the system and my process is rock solid.

I can now focus my thinking more into doing and less into worrying about what others are thinking.  I can also focus more of my time and energy in thinking about deep concepts of implementation to where I can think about how to improve both my quantity and quality of efforts.

This is Dimensional Thinking, and it has changed the way I approach not only my business, but also every other area of my life.

Trust the integrity of the system and your thinking will produce greater results.

John Stob
Stob Consulting

THINK - Step 6

As we start to “DO” to follow through with our COMMITMENT

we will start the process of deep learning which will cause us to think in      The NEXT Dimension which will solve problems we’ve had for years.