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Great Question . . .
How do I take faster actions and not think so much?

My Story . . .
For me one of the biggest breakthroughs was “The NEXT Dimension” Principle.

“The more we know the more we know we don’t know.”  I use to think – think and think some more.  I would think myself and others to death and it was really hurting my business and those people who were around me as well.

With the DNA for PEOPLE, DNA for BUSINESS and DNA for LIFE I now have confidence that others have invested their entire lives to figure things out so I don’t have to take so much time thinking and can invest more time in DOING.

What’s probably been most interesting to me is that, in the past, one of my greatest fears was making a mistake, now I realize that any “mistakes” are really learning opportunities and that deep thinking actually doesn’t come from thinking it comes from doing.

Wow, the freedom this unique system has given me is an amazing gift!

Scott Jongsma

THINK - Step 6

As we start to “DO” to follow through with our COMMITMENT

we will start the process of deep learning which will cause us to think in      The NEXT Dimension which will solve problems we’ve had for years.