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Great Question . . .
At times I don’t think as much as I should.

How do I think more?

My Story . . .
For me, it’s learning to think about the right things, in the right way, over the right period of time.

I just jumped in without thinking as I could just “feel that this was right” and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Now for me I’m learning how to invest more time into thinking about the right specific and detailed actions I need to take and then how I can be consistent in doing those things each and every day.

In the past I used to get bored when I tried this but now I see the value and I see the connection to achieving my Life Vision.

It’s really changed the way I think and I’m experiencing life in a whole new way.

I wish I would have discovered this years ago.

Wendy Moses
Speaker & Life Coach

THINK - Step 6

As we start to “DO” to follow through with our COMMITMENT

we will start the process of deep learning which will cause us to think in      The NEXT Dimension which will solve problems we’ve had for years.