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I am learning to think about the right things in the right way at the right time.

I now know how to think in a way that balances between thinking of others and caring for myself.

As a driver personality I seem to think in a way that others often do not.  I now see how to help others to think in a way which is beneficial to all.

I am learning to think in a way which will help me to achieve more full potential.

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Each of four different personality types has strengths and weaknesses.  Personally learning how to use each of the different energies which come with each personality type creates massive personal success.

When we help everyone we’re connected to learn how to do the same thing then we multiply the results and see greater success than most of us could ever imagine.

In Napoleon Hill’s book “Think And Grow Rich” we learn the power of mastermind together.  When we learn to capture the power of a whole group of people and bring all that thinking power together, anything is possible.

Combine that power with the DNA for BUSINESS, The 5/30 Grid and we’ll learn to think in terms of multiplication not addition.