DNA for Understanding BUSINESS

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There are five major areas in every business.

Each of these five areas is a part of our BOS – Business Operating System, or let’s say our business pipeline.

Just as with any pipeline we are only as strong as our weakest or smallest pipe.

Every team member MUST know the role(s) they are responsible for and then play that role with excellence.

We as a team take this model very seriously as it directly impacts our ability to provide the best service to our clients in the market place.


 We need to either expand our weak areas to match our stronger areas or we need to reduce the costs, efforts, systems in our strong areas to match our weak areas.


 The model above, often is how most companies operate. This is why companies struggle with generating enough profits to empower each team member to achieve their own personal goals.

We as a team need to understand that we win or lose as a team. For us to win as a team we know that every single team member needs to know their roles and then must fulfill those roles with excellence, discipline and consistency.

Why are roles so important on our team? It’s all about servicing our clients with excellence. We are responsible for providing our clients with a RAVING FAN experience and to do that we need to all work together as a team, as one unit. WE TAKE OUR ROLE VERY SERIOUSLY.


  We as a team support the leadership team. We believe in the vision of the leadership team. We trust that the leadership team is all about “Helping each team member reach beyond their dreams and goals in every area of their lives.”


 The next system we have as a team is the Integrity Leadership System were we partner with Life Masteries Institute, a non profit organization, to help insure that we have deep integrity throughout leadership as well as our entire system. We practice with passion . . .


 In the BOS model this is represented with a cylinder which is larger than the 5 areas of business. This represents a vision which is so large that it helps us to drive to accomplish the dreams and goals for each and every team member. . .


We are successful, as a team, as a result of our partnerships with ours. We also partner with community based organizations to help others succeed as we . . . believe and practice with passion . . .

  We believe and practice, “We will accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.”

  We’re guessing . . . that you might be saying:
“Wow, it seems that we as a team, take servicing their customers, their referral partners, their community and their employees very seriously.”


If you’re seeing that and you’re that type of person, who desires that within your company then you will gain a lot of value by doing further research into building a BOS – Business Operating System for your company.


  We have been told by worldwide thought leaders “We’ve never seen such a powerful system and easy to implement system as the BOS – Business Operating System. There DNA parts – PEOPLE – BUSINESS – LIFE!


A company is able to accomplish this as a result of having the best team members, the best customers, the best referral sources, the best consultants, technology and media professionals, and executive virtual assistants on the planet.

We would like to thank you for taking a little time to looking into building your own BOS and we would like to connect you to our network who can help you do so in a lot less time with a lot less effort.

To schedule a complementary interview / strategy session on how to build a customize BOS for your business call toll free 888.230.2300 .


If you would like to download a complimentary copy of “The Golden Triangle” which provides even more details as to how the 5/30 Grid is the business side of our BOS system

Thank You!