Executive VA – Virtual Assistant
5/30 Grid Implementation

To provide a simple, easy to understand, and affordable package to business owners, leaders, and top level professionals in assisting them to follow through with both the development as well as the implementation of the 5/30 Grid.

All Virtual Assistants go through an extensive training, mentoring, and exhaustive certification program, where only 19% of those who enter the program graduate. Some business owners have stated it is the most rigorous certification available for VA’s and business owners anywhere in the world.

“I don’t know of anyone who has extra time. It comes down to PASSION and PRIORITIES. If there is no extra time in an owner’s capacity, how does he finish all that needs to be done? A big advantage of a Virtual Assistant is that you don’t have to hire or train a new employee. Ramp-up time is so much faster.”
Mike Ratchford

Right PATH Marketing, LLC

“It became obvious to me that I needed to have a Virtual Assistant when I realized that I could only do so much and my staff could only handle so much. It only made sense for me to have a Virtual Assistant who I could turn projects over to and not have to worry about them.”
Jewel Pendergrass

CENTURY 21 - LeMac Realty

“I do more with one part time VA now than what I could do with a whole marketing/sales department. I am so sold on the certification process through Life Masteries Institute, I would never contract with a VA who hasn’t gone through and invested the time and
dollars to become certified. Sometimes I think they know more than I do about my own business, they are that good. I love that they know exactly what needs to be done so I do not have to manage or direct them and do not have to teach them. They come in and get started right away.”

Mark Boersma - International Speak/Author and President

International Speak/Author and President, Synergy Solutions

“As past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., I lead over 140,000 professionals in over 70 different countries. All top professionals learn that they need to reproduce themselves by leveraging an experienced VA, especially one which has been certified through Life Masteries Institute. I have personally worked with a number of graduates and they are business owners in their own right. Their ability to leverage the 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries is beyond anything I have ever seen. Amazing!”
Tom Kunz

CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.

530gridlogoThe base/core system will be built on the 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries which can be customized to each of the following specific applications.

  1. Sales – Can run the entire business
  2. brainRecruiting, Hiring, Culture Development and Mentoring System for employees
  3. PR – Public Relations / Speaking plan
  4. Becoming a Speaker & Author
  5. Referral Development System

Click Here For 5/30 Grid Once the 5/30 Grid/system is in place we are able to use the system/structure for any business or any organization, to increase sales, to raise funds and to increase human capital. We will have the Business Operating System to be able to do anything we desire to do . . and do it a lot faster, with fewer resources.

The foundation for everything that the VA’s design and run is based on Personality Masteries and the 5/30 Grid which creates the foundation for your very own BOS – Business Operating System.

massiveprofFor additional details/knowledge: “Massive Profits from/with Employees & Virtual Assistants” will assist you to SEE and UNDERSTAND what is going on behind the scenes. Some business owners like to know the details / knowledge and others just trust, as Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 International shares, “Trust the integrity of the system.”

Click Here for information on book.

The three levels presented below are designed to provide you with a strong overview of the services which will be provided over a period of time (normally this takes a year or more). In most situations a company or individual will need the VA or a Team of VA’s to develop a wide range of systems and processes.

Normally the VA / VA Team will work with the business or professional to establish quarterly goals using the 4 Steps To Great Leadership as a foundation for developing systems/SOP’s – Standard Operating Procedures. Normally the structure for the systems will be developed and managed in Google docs which provide the client with real time access to all work accomplished.

There is usually a large amount of time which is required to build the systems initially so most of the effort will go into the building of the systems at first. Over time, the balance will shift from building the systems to working the systems and then enhancing and adjusting the systems.

Through Life Masteries Institute there are networks and often VA’s work in teams with specific VA’s having specialties in specific areas. The combined efforts of VA’s will provide a far superior experience, as together, we can accomplish a great deal more than we ever could on our own.

Your Executive or Lead VA will oversee all the work being completed to save you time and energy. The goal/expectation is that it will require very little leadership/management on your part to get the work completed.

The training, testing and experience that a VA goes through to perform each task, to a very high level of proficiency, is intensive upfront to obtain the certification and then continues to maintain the certification as well. Often Executive/Lead VA’s will be investing over 250 hours a year in ongoing training and mentoring.

530gridlogoNOTE: The follow VA contracting financial levels may be adjusted up or down. If you are investing more monthly then the things listed below will happen faster and more work will be completed. If your budget is less than one of the levels it will take longer to complete specific projects/efforts, and/or systems. Work being accomplished will vary depending on the specific plan and needs. For larger companies, more quantity and/or complexity of work, larger monthly fees are often needed to accomplish the desired work. There is usually a large amount of time which is required to build the systems initially so most of the effort will go into the building of the systems at first. Over time, the balance will shift from building the systems to working the systems and then enhancing and adjusting the systems. Pricing for each level includes a one user license for MCAT which is $195/month.
Develop/Implement 5/30 Grid
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Monthly Investment
Area 1: Marketing
   Level 1: Identify Targets
   Level 2: Develop & Deliver a Message
   Level 3: Group People & Messages
                  – Custom html (really nice) emails
   Level 4: Measure Results
   Level 5: Personality Based Marketing
   Level 6: Dollar Results Marketing
Area 2: Pre-Sales
  Level 1: Track 100% of Leads
     – Pre-Sales Phone Calls
– May substitute other work depending on the
master plan and system being developed
  Level 2: Implement Strategic Strike
  Level 3: Improve Pressure Points
  Level 4: Personality Driven
  Level 5: Large New Lead Sources
  Level 6: Model For Profitability
Area 3: The Sale
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
  Level 1: Ask Key Questions
  Level 2: Present Solutions
– Includes development of online surveys
  Level 3: Why Prospects Are Lost
  Level 4: Apply 5 Freedom Fighters
  Level 5: Speed To Sell
  Level 6: Model For Profitability
Area 4: Servicing
  Level 1: Ask For Referrals
  Level 2: Feed Successes into Areas 1, 2, and 3
  Level 3: Master steps, pressure points
  Level 4: Measure all costs
  Level 5: Apply 5 Freedom Fighters
  Level 6: Turn into profit center
Area 5: Client For Life
  Level 1: Send Monthly Relationship Newsletter
  Level 2: Obtain B2B and B2C Referrals
  Level 3: Track all efforts/results
  Level 4: Implement R&D
  Level 5: Process For New Products
  Level 6: Apply 5 Freedom Fighters
Extra Possible Services
 Custom Websites – Blogs  (WordPress)
 Recruiting Systems
 Mailing / Marketing Campaigns – Speaking/Author
 Mobile Marketing
 Custom Programming

VA’s, as Executive Marketing/Sales Virtual Assistants, provide services to clients in all types of industries and work very closely with Synergy Solutions, Inc. in the implementation of the 5/30 Grid for companies. This includes, but is not limited to, new business development, servicing current clients, referral development, community based partnerships, supporting speakers/authors, and recruiting/hiring and training of new employees, distributors, and/or partners.

VA’s work with amazing technology, tools, systems and people; we would be able to assist you if there is anything else you would like help with.

The 5/30 Solution Grid

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7
G29 G30 G31 G32 G33 G34 G35

To Explore the grid, call 888.230.2300 (Copyright) 2015

5/30 Grid System Can Be Used For . . .

  • Building a business – more sales/profit (BOS)
  • Recruiting, hiring, training, and mentoring great employees
  • Building a profitable referral network
  • Public Relations
  • Promotion of book/speaking
  • Raising funds for nonprofit / community based organization
  • Growing an effective volunteer base

Once you get your base, BOS – Business Operation System built there are many uses for the 5/30 Grid. Anything having to do with generating more money and/or building group of people are a very effective use of the 5/30 Grid.

BIG Picture

The Plan

Phase 1 will be to develop the foundation/core system which includes Boxes 1 to 4 within the 5/30 Grid. Once the core system is set up the marketing machine will start to perform. Phase 1 includes:

  • Database/business design
  • Customizing the MCAT database structure for you and your business
  • Importing all your contacts from email, accounting, databases and social media sources into your new MCAT database structure

Phase 2 will take the database/marketing group structure and determine the best message to develop and deliver to gain interest from those being targeted.
Phase 2 includes:

  • Evaluate company brand, desired results, and the individuals targeted
  • Create customized marketing messages which brings value to those targeted – Goal is to build a relationship and quickly determine best prospects to generate business opportunities in the least amount of time
  • Determine a schedule to deliver marketing messages on a consistent basis.

Phase 3 will solidify consistent Area 1: Marketing efforts, Area 2: Pre-Sales efforts and consistent efforts in
Area 3: The Sale.

  • Determine phone scripting message for following up on leads which will be generated as the result of Phase 1 and 2 efforts.
  • Determine the best Level 1, 2, and 3 questions to pre-qualify and prioritize all leads.
  • Start to schedule appointments for Area 3: The Sale, based on consistent efforts in Areas 1 and 2.

Proposal – Phase 3 is the SOP – Standard Operating Procedure – for the ongoing implementation of the system, testing the system and using the system. The core system will primarily focus on Boxes 1 through 7, with the infrastructure designed to have the other boxes added as needed and supported by the results of the implementation of the system designed and implemented.

More Detail For Those Who Value Details

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7
G29 G30 G31 G32 G33 G34 G35

G2Phase 1: Getting the Foundation In Place
We would actually start day 1 working with you and your team to build the databases and get things set in place to connect with targeted groups. This can happen in a week or two, which will start to provide immediate benefit to you and your team.

We use the MCAT system, as it is the most powerful system we have found, not only in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, but also because it has a full online university, libraries of templates, and an entire network to tap into.

We will need to have all your databases provided in separate Excel spreadsheets to import into the database structure we design and develop for you.

Clients who have used other systems will take a lot more time, and get fewer results from their efforts, which is why we only use MCAT. Another value of MCAT is that there are many VA’s who are trained in it, so they are individuals who really know what they are doing and you will get so much more value from your investment.


While Step 1 is “never finished” as we are always building a database, usually once we get 100 people or more in the database we can start to market/connect, and bring added value.

made to stickStep 2, is “Develop & Deliver A Message.” This step is just as important as Step 1. If we have a great database but a poor message, we will be ineffective. We use concepts developed from “Made To Stick” along with a Marketing Checklist developed by Synergy, to assist us in developing the most powerful message to communicate to your clients and prospects.

Another aspect that will help your company to generate a lot more
profit and will save you a great deal of time is Box 6: Group People & Messages together. Think about it . . . we can really only talk to one person at a time, we can only sell to one person at a time, but we can market and communicate to a lot of people with one message.

The magic to making this effective is to have similar types of people/companies grouped together in your database. This is something that most companies do not do an effective job with. Our team will work with you to help you accomplish this. The MCAT system has a unique way of organizing your database to group people and messages in a way that will make it much more effective for you.

Most companies, even after decades of work and a lot of money being invested, do not have systems in place and are stunned that we can build systems so quickly. We do this as a result of the deep understanding of the Natural Laws, one of those being the 5/30 Grid, having the right technology that we know works and then having the right people, take the right actions, in the right way, at the right time.

Phase 2: Turning the Machine On

trackleadsOnce we start developing the right message for the right database we will then start to generate people who are interested in your products and/or services, building a referral relationship with you, and/or joining your team, depending on what you have contracted us to do.

The MCAT tracks all opens/clicks for emails sent out so we can reach into a database of 1,000 people and know, right away, which specific prospects are probably most interested based on the message that was delivered.

askkeyThis helps to make all phone calls more productive, more profitable, and produce results faster . . . all great things that our clients love. Depending on what you contract us to do, we may actually make those phone calls, on your behalf, to schedule appointments.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that all our clients use Google Calendar so we can schedule appointments directly for you.

shapesWhere most companies and sales professionals go wrong is that they do not ask enough of the right questions. We have been trained and certified in Personality Masteries, which gives us the ability to identify someone’s personality in 15 seconds. This helps us to know specifically what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

People buy from us, not because we have an amazing solution, but because we are asking questions that quickly build trust. From asking questions, we can follow one of two paths: One, if they qualify, then we can “Present A Solution”, which could be offering your product/ service directly or it might be scheduling a qualified lead with someone in Sales to close the deal. Second, if the individual or company is not a hot prospect today, but could be some time in the future, we put them into what we call an “incubator” type of program, which will nurture them until they become the prospect we desire.
Path 2 does take some time as it’s very complex to develop, refine, and perfect. If you would like to know specific details of the process or how this is completed, please let us know. WARNING: It blows most people’s minds and they often wish they had not asked, just a heads up.
Phase 3 and Phase 4 drill into the 5/30 Grid even deeper as we help you develop and fine tune your Area 3: The Sales (sales process). Then we assist you in turning your Area 4: Servicing into a profit center, and work with you to systematize Area 5: Client For Life to obtain a lot more referrals from you current and past clients.

switchThere is a lot more we could go into about the science of how we do the magic that we do, but often clients like us to take care of all the “behind the scenes” stuff so all they have to do is “flip the switch” and it works.

Life Masteries Institute (LMI) is a non-profit 501c3 organization. LMI has specific technology, media, and support for all VA’s who go through their Certification Program. All billing/payments will be handled through Life Masteries Institute. LMI handles all payments to the various VA’s and VA companies who may be servicing your company. This makes it very simple and easy for you.

Services are paid for one month in advance and will be paid at the same time each month.

  • In evaluating overall financial consideration it is important for a company to consider the true cost of a VA vs. an employee. There are no overhead costs, taxes, insurance, filings, desk space, management oversight, training, support or any other overhead, which can often double the costs of employees and can take months before someone is productive.
  • There is no long-term contract and if you ever believe it would be better to handle the work that we do internally, we will gladly work with any internal employees to hand off all that we have developed. It can take between one and three months to turn things over to another group and/or employees. A proper hand off is critical to your overall success.
  • Our clients have found with the systems we develop, employees are not equipped, trained and do not have the technology, and, in most situations, do not have the team to implement them.

Values – Work Ethic – Loyalty

We, as Executive Virtual Assistants, have our own business and therefore we think like you think and we approach things as you approach things. Our main job is to help you make money, to generate a better profit in what you do. To do this, we do things that you are either not able to do, do not want to do, and/or that are not the most dollar productive for you to do.

It actually is very simple!

We are looking for long term relationships and we desire to create a RAVING FAN experience for you. Over 97% of our clients come to us through direct referrals and we find that is a great way to do business.

NatLawsLogoCSlogo_bigWe have been trained at the highest level and are continuing to go through the Natural Laws of Career Success. We are continuing to study and apply the 200+ Natural Laws which have been discovered in our network.

If, at anytime, you believe any VA you are working with, is not living up to the 12 Principles To Life Masteries , Career Success , Natural Laws , and/or the Code Of Honor please
bring this to their attention immediately. If their response does not meet or exceed your expectation please contact Life Masteries Institute at service@lifemasteries.org or call toll free 888.789.7878.

Other great books strongly integrated into the development/implementation of system.

think good law flaw 7hab
8th community thomas turning howto

Our Desire Is To Exceed Your Expectations!