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As a business owner of may types of businesses over the last 30+ years I have had many employees and virtual assistants over the years. I have never experienced anything like working with E-VA’s certified through Life Masteries Institute.

My company is now contracting with twelve E-VA firms to do lead generation, working leads, closing sales, servicing, creating clients for life, leadership, product development and Profitable Partnerships. I am a Raving Fan as they have helped to position my company to run without me. They have, in essence, helped to clone me.

In the hundreds if not thousands of employees and virtual assistants I’ve had over the 30 years I have NEVER had one of them do what a couple of the E-VA’s have done for me. They come together and came up with a list of things I Like and things I Do Not Like and then they share it with every other new E-VA we contract with.

There is a culture of service, professionalism, focus and consistency I haven’t ever experienced before in working with any one person, much less a whole group of people. It’s like they capture my heart and become not only business partners but really life partners where I am as interested or many even more interested in helping them achieve their Life Vision as I am in achieving mine.

It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced in my life. I have given them permission to share this because I believe that probably most business owners are very similar to myself in what we like and what we don’t like. I believe that after years of not ever experiencing this that I thought is was a dream or really a fairy tale.

This is the E-VA culture that they hold one another accountable for and it’s really a part of their branding. It’s who they are and how they serve.

Mark Boersma
President, Synergy Solutions, Inc.
International Speaker & Author
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