Do we ever feel that we wish we could clone ourselves as business owners?  Do we ever have far too many opportunities that we just do not have the resources to pursue?  As business owners do we have those employees who are amazing and we wish we knew how to clone them?

If we said “Yes” to any of the above questions the following seven lessons will help us to see far greater success with far less effort and time.  Ideally have a group, a Coffee Connection weekly mastermind group which will be our “workout buddies.”  What we learn in these seven lessons are actually pretty easy to pick up . . . but very hard for people to actually follow through with.

To get started watch the following three short videos to best prepare for absorbing / consuming the seven lessons.  Reading the ” Please Clone Me ” white paper will help us a great deal.

Lesson 1. Power Of Others

How do we tap into the power of others in our networks?  Do we believe that we can accomplish so much more together than we ever could on our own?

  • Learn the value of people
  • Learn how to capture best practices of others
  • Learn the value of different personality types
  • Learn how to bring value to networks of others

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Lesson 2. Power Of The Network

Did we know that the average person knows 250 people and the average business owners knows over 5,500 people?

Imagine . . . having technology and media which would expand our ability to touch more people and bring added value to a very large number of people.

  • Learn how to bring value to those in our networks and the networks of others
  • Learning the value of asking the biggest challenge
  • How do we leverage technology and media to reproduce and clone ourselves and those around us?
  • The 5 Freedom Fighters and using technology and media to maximizing the benefit to our bsuiness

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Lesson 3. Power Of BOS

Our BOS – Business Operating Systems is the engine which runs our business.  We earn the money we earn, work the hours we work, have the stress and life balance we do or do not have as a result of the engine in our business.

If we want to double our income while working less hours we need to have a stronger engine.

  • BOS – Business Operating System
  • DNA for PEOPLE
  • DNA for LIFE
  • Learn how to take PEOPLE – BUSINESS and LIFE and see explosive growth in our business

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Lesson 4. DNA for People

DNA for PEOPLE or Personality Masteries is the science of understanding people at a very deep level.

  • Learn how to identify someone’s personality in 15 seconds
  • Learning how to use technology to better leverage personalities to sell our products and services
  • Learn to build sales systems using video and media to appeal specifically to certain personality types

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Lesson 5. DNA for Business

DNA for BUSINESS or The 5/30 Grid helps us to know precisely how to best leverage technology and media to grow our business in the most effective manner in the least amount of time.

  • The 5 areas within our business
  • The 30 Boxes within The 5/30 Grid
  • What boxes can best be leveraged by technology and media?
  • How do we use technology and media to help our business networks to grow their businesses?
  • Creating Profitable Partnerships


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Lesson 7. Leverage

Technology and Media help us to leverage best practices from ourselves and those around us.  We can use technology and media to capture success stories from our clients and referral partners.

Leverage our networks and the networks of those we are connected to to bring massive value to everyone.

  • Leverage People, Technology and Media for everyone’s value
  • Turn technology and media into new profit centers
  • The value of IP – Intellectual Property to earn more money through IP than we earn within our business
  • Open new markets, product lines and business opportunities through media and technology

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The MVP Network
The MVP Network is a network of professionals in many industries all committed to using technology, media, internet and video to clone the best part of who we are as well as those around us.

Best to get the word out to the masses with very low cost and to use to precisely communicate specific things to specific people at specific times in specific ways.

Written, audio and video to communicate powerful things in powerful ways to a lot of people when we as business owners are asleep, with our families, having fun or pursuing other life passions.

The ability to reach billions of people in the most amazing ways.

The ability to tap into people’s three learning modalities – Visual – Verbal and Kin-esthetic