I am finding so many personal stories to share on how this has impacted me! Through the coaching within Mastermind Partnerships, my way of thinking is changing and being strengthened all the while drawing out my gifts. I believe this has started the magnet principle and people are starting to be drawn to me.

I am developing richer relationships, had a life changing conversation within the program that may change my whole professional approach, and due to my new thinking, someone has recently approached me on buying their book of business!   The personal and professional growth I’m finding while becoming a “deeper dimensional being” through my life vision and all interactions is amazing!

At this point we can’t measure the financial success, but I know any business that comes from all of this, I can measure and know it’s the outcome from my participation in masterminding within this great program and its participants.

This is becoming a GREAT adventure and I am so glad I’m on it!!

Rebecca Snider

John Cremer Real Estate Team

The benefits through Mastermind Partnerships are beyond my greatest expectations! Not only does it help me build my business, partnerships, and create new opportunities, it also builds better relationships and improves my communication skills.

I invited one of my partners on the call for just one week and I know for certain the conversation for that week saved our working relationship!  If the call had not so precisely changed our perspective on a negative event and helped us to recognize the positive benefit, we surely would have called it quits.   Since, our partnership is even more profitable than before!

You never know what will come of each weekly call and I don’t know what I would have done without that breakthrough because of this program. Thank you!

Mark Elkins

mark@arazuproperty.net, Arazu Property

“I was taking my time in starting up in the program, and now I can tell why it was so recommended to dive right in ! After a short while of starting up with a patient and helpful leadership team, this is completely worth pursuing.

I had participated in coaching previously and thought it was all the same, but this gives you incredible new strategies to explore with the group. I was impressed with the resources offered to all involved and have already started partnerships with other members to grow my business. I’m truly excited about this program and am all in!

Kirt Grant

CIS Corporate Insurance Solutions , Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Company

I have always known the importance of systems but hard to know what specifically to do. The 5/30 Grid is truly the DNA for BUSINESS and gives a simple and powerful way to grow one’s business. The 12 month Mastermind Partnerships program is simple, affordable and assists us to see business opportunities which were always there but often missed.

Jerry Hays

Kwik Kopy, 281-376-4781

Mastermind Partnerships provides enormous benefit and I’m glad I moved fast to get involved in the buddy program.  In a short time I’m already seeing returns on many levels by receiving / developing new insights and by gaining real feedback on personal items that also help me work on my business.  

The structure and depth gives  so much value  and one can’t help but think of who else they can invite to grow and participate with them!  


(Financial Advisor with a national firm)

I have been looking for a program to get things moving in my business and I have found it in Mastermind Partnerships! After starting the lessons, I am uncovering opportunities and it’s changing the way I think about my business and life in a new, positive way.

This program gives you access to weekly group calls with instantly applicable lessons and so many tools to help me, including ones where I am gaining more time in my day! It’s affordable and really helping me turn things around. If it works for me, it can work for anyone – I would recommend it to everyone in my network!

Gordon Fitzgerald

Kwik Kopy #106, 985-873-0801