Develop a Success Circle of 12 individuals who are passionate about changing the mortgage industry and assist each one of the 12 to see greater personal and professional success while changing the mortgage industry as we know it.

– – – Commitment To Be In The Success Circle Of 12 – – –

Each of the 12 individuals need to make a weekly commitment for six months to talk over  the phone for 30 minutes a week.  Calls will be recorded and available to others in the industry.  The commitment we make to the group is that we will seek to each become Leaders of Leaders and build our own group of 12 to assist them do the same thing as we are doing.  If member is not able to attend then they are required to listen to the recordings and email the members from viewing the video recording of the call.

1. What did I learn.

2. What action will I take from what I learned.

3. What do I need to learn next.

* * * Apply the principles shared from the book:  The Starfish and the Spider

Cost: No cost for the first 12 committed individuals

NOTE:  This is sponsored through a non profit 501c3 organization, Legacy Partners / Life Masteries Institute.  Each member, as they gain benefit and are able to contribute are encouraged to make a weekly contribution to the Kids At Risk program.

– Benefits for Each Member – 

* Learn to leverage our own personal gifts to earn a lot more money while working less hours.

* Learn how to leverage the groups skills, talents and networks to see greater individual success.

* Learn how to start Success Circles of 12 / Coffee Connections to expand our reach / network, without having to take our own personal time to do so.

– Q&A – 

Q: May I invite others?

A: Yes, please do.  They do not need to be in the mortgage industry but do need to desire to impact and change the industry.  Once we reach 12 committed members, the 12 are encouraged to continue to invite others to attend weekly.  The first 12 will be in the weekly discussion with the group and are encouraged to have those who are part of their “sub-groups” give them input that the leader will share and discuss as a group as a whole.

Q: How is this different than any other group I’ve attended?

A: This group has access to millions of dollars of systems, tools, systems and networks from Legacy Partners and will help us to accomplish far more in less time with less effort.  Other groups like this, in various other industries have shared that they have never experienced anything like the Success Circle of 12.

Q: What is the agenda?

A: The group will determine the agenda.  There will be a questionnaire which will be filled out by each member in the group and from that questionnaire a month agenda will be created to meet the members challenges and what they would love help on.  Mark Boersma will lead the group until another leader emerges.  The last week of each month, someone other than Mark will lead the group.

Q: Is there work outside the 30 minutes for the weekly call?

A: That is up to each member and/or the group as a whole.  Obviously the more each one puts into the group the more each individual and the group as a whole will benefit from the call.  The group will be taught “The Secret About Time” which is how Mark learned how to gain 3 hours for every 1 hour he invests into something which has given him 20 extra hours of free time a week and the last week of every month off.   🙂   If a member invests 1 hour a week, that member will learn how to gain an extra 3 hours from the 1 hour they invest.