I Have A Question . . .

As a women what question is bugging you? What is your biggest challenge / problem in any area of your life? What frustrates you . . . causes you stress . . . keeps you up at night? Questions can be on anything, in any area of your life. Relationships, career, family, spiritual, health, financial, emotional, business and/or anything. If you’re curious . . . feeling challenged . . . or just thinking, please share your question with us.

Ladies, did you know that many men are fearful of asking questions about women. Men are taught from very little boys not to upset their mothers, not to have issues with their sisters, be nice (don’t say things girls don’t want to year) to their girlfriends, treat their wife like a princess, don’t make your girls cry . . . etc. Man have so many questions about women they won’t ask. Men are free to also ask ANY question they want to about women as well.

As women . . . we often say “If mamma’s not happy, no one is happy.” The truth is that if everyone’s not happy, none of us will be happy. Get the men in your life to be honest with their questions and let’s all learn to work together to “Think Differently ~ As Awesome Women!”