Lesson 4

They won’t let others get by with it . . . except other C-levels . . .

Why are C-Level so STUPID?

They won’t let others get by with it . . . except other C-levels . . .
What do they think they are getting by with?  Blowing off appointments, stringing people along with challenges and goals, mis-handling their’s and others’ 7 T’s, and then not following through . . .
How does it hurt them?

How many affluent politicians, movie stars act like this? They buy-in to their own press releases…they are seduced by others who put them on a pedestal.
The key is Thinking Differently. Send this to a C-level, and ask them, “Is this true?”
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Everything a C-level does is credible, but not personal. The longer that someone is a boss, the worse they get. They are used to people doing what they say, and not being challenged. Who are the best people to “call them on the carpet” . . . be more direct with them sooner?

See this link for Steve and Izzy.
How do you develop high-level employees who are honest?
Where is the system to help my team evolve at a higher rate?
What is the system to take below-average people to “super-stars” overnight?

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