Any Type Of Business Owner
Every business is unique and every business owner has a unique set of passions, insights,  experiences and goals for the succession plan for their business.  Some business owners want to be totally out ASAP, other business owners want their children to take it over, others want to sell it and some will want to continue to work part time in the business.
Every business and business owner is unique and there is a unique customized plan which needs to be developed.  The magic within the Legacy Planning system through Legacy Partners is the systems, tools, mentoring and networks which are made available to those in the program.  Owners working with owners to insure our legacy is transferred properly to the next generation of business owners.
CPA's / Accounting Firms


In many ways selling one’s accounting firm is fairly easy.  To generate the maximum financial and emotional return in addition to caring for our loyal employees, that can be more challenging.  This mastermind group along with the network of CPA’s is committed to assisting you maximize your financial return and leaving a legacy.

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 Farming in many ways has become big business and there are so many different aspects to owning and running a farm that having a team of experts assist in building a legacy plan that considers all the stakeholders and complexities is something that farmers have confidence in.

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What are the secrets to maximizing the value of one’s business and giving the business owner the most options to leave a legacy?  Is there a science to getting one’s business to run without them so the business owner could have a choice of creating an annuity and retain the business and make it run with us?

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Real Estate & Mortgage

What do CPA’s and attorneys know that real estate and mortgage professionals do not know? They know how to take their service business and position it to where it can be sold. If we invest decades of our lives into building a loyal following, why would we not want to leave a legacy and create a financial opportunity for us to reap the financial rewards for all of our efforts?

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The printing industry has changed so much in the past few years it’s hard for many printers to actually sell their businesses.  Why?  We as printers have, in the past, often viewed our businesses as putting ink in paper rather than really being a communication business or a Marketing Solutions Provider (MSP).  When we develop a BOS – Business Operating System, an engine that runs our business, our businesses will be able to run without us OR we can sell our business for maximum value.

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