Purpose For Mastermind

Do you or others around you have problems / challenges which are causing you to be stuck?  Do you need some help, some resources, tools, systems or a network of other like minded ministry leaders who take action and solve problems?   This mastermind group solves problems!

Why We Started The Group

There seems to be a gap in resources, people and networks for leaders of ministry in helping to raise funds, leverage technology and media, develop and implement systems which help the ministry leader to reach more people in a more effective way with less personal time and resources.  As a result of joining this mastermind group you will have a resource kit which will change the way you do ministry and will give you a lot more time.

Step 1: Learn To Think Differently – 5 minute video

Day & Time & Location

– Every Monday – 5 am (pst), 6 am (mst), 7 am (cst), 8 am (est)
– Conference calling number – 712-775-7031   // Access Code: 688-592#
– Webinar Access: www.RavingFan.net


– NONE – Members have found the most interesting thing. Those you Pay It Forward and make a commitment to contribute weekly gain the most value. It’s also interesting that those who contribute more seem to gain more value.

Very Important Notes
  • You will find those involved in this mastermind to be strange at times :-).  They tend to think in a very different way.  Take whatever benefits you and leave the rest.  🙂  Remember . . . the people around you are probably normal and haven’t been able to help you with your problem so you probably need some strange people who think in a very different way than you and other normal people think.  🙂
  • Yes . . . we realize that those you are leading might think that you are very smart and knowledge . . . and we hate to burst your bubble . . . but . . . here’s the TRUTH . . . YOU’RE NOT!  If you think you are, check out this video and it will help you to realize that you’re not.  🙂  www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMLPJqeW78Q
  • Be Proactive – Sometimes leaders in ministry whine.  Entrepreneurs by and large don’t whine because it doesn’t solve the problem.  Yes, we realize that when you’re around a number of leaders how are similar to you, that when you whine that others will support you, but it probably won’t fix your problem, it will just make you feel a little better about yourself right then and there.
  • If you don’t think someone understands you . . . they don’t!  Not because they don’t but because you don’t think they do and if you don’t think they do then they can’t help you, so don’t complain to them or take up their time.  Henry Ford said “If you believe you and or can not, either way you’re right.”  Every leader who is whiner will not solve their problem by thinking no one understands them or by whining.  Leaders who are whiner probably will not like this mastermind group very well.
  • At times, ministry leaders believing they are too busy to be consistent with 30 minute a week.  There are 10,080 minutes in a week.  If you can’t be consistent with 30 minutes once a week, honestly your problem isn’t time or really anything else other than either a “way you think” or “a lack of self discipline.”  If you become defensive and upset about this then you’re honestly not ready to change.  🙂  As a leader, those around you may or may not SEE or SHARE this with you but trust us, this group is seeking TRUTH and we’re willing to share things with you, that you very well might not like, but will help you IF you allow it to.
  • If you would like to learn how to have an abundance of time, you can gain this by doing what is called a 30 Day Challenge.  It’s going through one video a day for roughly 6 minutes a day for 30 days.  http://thevisionproject.net/30day.htm
       – The secret to an abundance of time is actually to change the way we think about time.  🙂
         – The second secret to having an abundance of time comes from the book Good To Great – Disciplined People – Disciplined Thinking and Disciplined in Doing / Taking Action.
  • Yes . . . you as a leader are very special and your situation is very different . . . in a way.  In other way “There is nothing new under the sun.” so probably a good idea to realize that there are solutions to your current problem and the only thing that may be holding you back . . . is . . . well . . . maybe YOU!
So . . . do you still want to be a part of this mastermind group?  🙂  If you do, we welcome you.  If you don’t, well, it would probably still be very good for you.  No one is going to attack you :-), if you want input, others will share and if you want to kind of just hang out and listen to others that would be good as well.  🙂
Give it a try four weeks in a row and then make a determination from there.  🙂


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Unlocking Your Client

How many referrals are you losing due to not having a referral development system?

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Additional White Papers

We are actively involved with The Vision Project network which provides an invaluable worldwide network for myself and my partners.

Additional White Papers

Additional Personal & Professional Courses

We are actively involved with The Vision Project network which provides an invaluable worldwide network for myself and my partners.

Additional White Papers