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Stewardship of our minds.
Don’t LOSE YOUR MIND!!   Find it and Develop it!   Stay sharp and explore all that life has to offer.
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Temple = Our physical body, our health!
If we’re good stewards with what we eat and exercise we’ll be happier and  love life more. If we aren’t good stewards with our body, our life will be an  “Organ Recital” !  And who wants to hear that? (unless it’s Bach!) 🙂


In a day and age that thinks that the truth is “relative” – the truth as it REALLY is, will change our lives.   The Truth, sometimes, is hard to hear.especially from younger people.  Journey with us as we learn the secret of being vulnerable and open to feedback that could rock our world.
Are we trusting the right people?  Do we trust people we should not be trusting?  and, Are we NOT trusting the people we Should??!   Discover the keys to unlocking some of the greatest relationships in life.
What do you value the most? and Why?  How are you investing it?  Uncover the secret connection between your treasure and your life vision.and your heart.
What are you naturally good at?  or  What have you been entrusted with to steward?  are they the same or different.
How do we spend our time?  Do we live intentionally or do we waste the time we have?  Come along as we explore fascinating ways to view time with a new perspective.
So...How trusting are you?
How do you trust others when you’ve been violated?  And, do you trust less or trust more after that?    Join us as we discover how to heal from tough times.  Trust is a choice.
Blurry Life Vision
When your life vision doesn’t excite you the way it once did, What do YOU do? Join us as we explore what shackles us and what can be done to find freedom for the future.
Are you retired?  Do you plan on retiring?  And if so.WHY?  Some intriguing thoughts that set traditional ideals on their head.
Life Vision
What is YOUR life vision?  Do you know?  Do you even care?  We hope so.come find out
Dwight in China
Why would a 70+ year old gentleman from the USA live in China.more importantly.WHY?   A fascinating life perspective from our friend Dwight GoldWine.