Are you looking for a group of professionals who are as committed to building a successful business as they are to laying up treasure in Heaven? . . .
– Fri – 2 pm (et)


A program focused on taking your business or career to a whole new level of success. – Wed. 8:30 am (et)

Children At Risk

If kids aren’t headed to college, is there a path for them to see success? Do they have the mentors, networks and understanding of what is needed to see success? – Wed. – 4:30 pm (et)

Community & Business Partnerships

Join us in sharing best practices and working together to raise a lot of money AND grow our businesses all at the same time. – Mon. 8 am (et)

Ministry Leaders

Are you involved in some type of ministry as a leader?  Are you frustrated at times?  Are you looking for answers to problems that seem to continue to plague you and others? – Mon. 8 am (et)