Purpose For Mastermind / Team
We believe that we can accomplish far more together than we could on our own. We believe that every team member has gifts, knowledge, experiences and networks that we could all benefit from. We desire, as a mastermind group, to help every team member achieve their income goals, working the hours everyone wants to work.

Why We Started The Group
To help every team member see success more quickly.

Day & Time & Location
Every Tuesday7 pm (pst), 8 pm (mst), 9 pm (cst), 10 pm (est)
– Conference calling number – 302-202-1106, access code 533208
Every Thursday – Business Coaching – Earn More / Work Less – Systems
6:30 am (pst), 7:30 am (mst), 8:30 am (cst), 9:30 am (est)
– Conference calling number – 712-775-7031, access code 688-592#