What is the most effective way to earn
more income while working less hours?

Are you seeking a way to build residual income, earning money while you’re not even working?  Are you looking to own real estate which will grow in value evening when you’re not working?  Would you like to have multiple income streams and be part of an amazing networks of people?

“The following seven steps are steps I have taken to build multiple streams of income for myself, other leaders and now I am / we are helping others to learn how to do so as well.  I/we have invested decades and millions of dollars into learning how to do this and now in working with Renatus I/we am able to help a lot more people, in a much larger way all  while working less hours.  I hope by me sharing everything we’ve learned with you that it will not only help you but that you’ll Pay It Forward and help others.”

Edward Kirch

7 Steps to Success

NOTE:  With the completion of each we are one step closer to success.  Please communicate to our mentor as we complete each step. 

1. Write down our goals for what we want to accomplish and set weekly actions to get there. A focus point is a first step.  Fill out this survey to help us help you!

2. Weekly Team Calls
Tuesdays at 9 PM (cst)
Call in to the conference line for weekly interaction with successful leaders and other team members.  There is normally a topic each week, but also a chance to ask your questions and get feedback from others too!    * Call in to: 302-202-1106, access code 533208 *

Thursdays at 8:30 AM (cst)
Join a weekly business coaching / mentoring call for leaders and their networks.  This is an extra special resource outside of Renatus and only available to us because we know some amazing leaders who are committed to our success! 🙂
– Only 30 minutes – Call in to:  712-775-7031 – Access Code: 688-592# *  We can bring our downline to this call too.

3. Build A Network

a. Create a spreadsheet for everyone we know.  (name – phone – email)
b. Send them an email asking them what their biggest challenge is and/or what they would love help on.
c. Work with our mentor to how to best present real estate, real estate training / education as a solution to people’s biggest challenge and/or would help them on what they would love help on.  Learn to build a bridge.
e. Build A Prospect Database – Put together a database of any leads or contacts we have who might be interested in investing into real estate and work to post our first couple of marketing ads.  Get tips here on marketing to grow our team.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  Everyone in our database will not be interested in investing into real estate and/or real estate education BUT EVERYONE in our database will know someone we do not know, who IS interested.  Help those we know solve their “biggest challenge” and/or “what they would love help on” and they will introduce us to others they know.   HELP OTHERS AND THEY WILL HELP US!

4. Weekly in-person Renatus meetings:
For those in the Chicago area, there are 2 options for us:
– Thursdays at 7 pm in Downers Grove, IL. Join leaders and teams at Fudruckers across the street for dinner at 6 before the event.  (3030 Finley Rd #110, Downers Grove, IL 60515)
– Or Wednesdays at 7 at the South Loop Chicago Hotel (11 W 26th Street, Chicago,IL 60616)

5. 10 Steps Training in our “back office” (on our myrenatus.com page).

– Go under the “training” menu and select “10 step training” for some great starting videos

6. 3-way calls – Invite our prospects on to 3-way calls with leaders / our mentor.  As soon as we have leads, let leaders / our mentor help us close them!  We can mention this to leaders / our mentors during any of the calls or events or text / call them to set up a time.  Every leader, every mentor wants to see our success soon and we can take note on how it’s done, when we work right along side of them.

7. Build our own Team / Systems Leaders / our mentor has income streams from the many different types of real estate opportunities available to all of us.  Leaders have invested decades and millions of dollars into building systems for everyone which create a win win win for everyone in the network.

Ed desires to share these with everyone in his network.  Why?  There are actually two reasons.  One is that Ed understands the concept of selfish – selflessness.  It’s the Natural Law which helps us to understand that when we help others achieve their full potential, others will help us achieve our full potential and that “We can accomplish far more together than we ever could accomplish on our own.”

(Q&A – Questions & Asnwers) What questions do we have?  What concerns/fears do we have in moving forward?  What challenges / problems do we have?  Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich” shares the value of creating mastermind groups.  Together we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.