The Action Card – Entrepreneurial Teenagers

As a teenager and potential entrepreneur we as a mastermind group have a passion to assist you learn how
to start your own company and turn your passions into income.

Are you a teenager who might enjoy starting your own business? What is your Life Vision, what are you passionate about? What do you love doing . . . and could you start your own company around your passions?

We Will Learn . . .
● Gain confidence
● Discover Our Life Vision
● Overcome self doubt
● Turn Passions into $$$
● Pursue our passions
● Live our Life Vision
● Determine our destiny
● Develop A Life Plan
● Work with positive mentors

Parents . . . Mentoring for Teens, through Life Masteries Institute, a nonprofit organization has started a mastermind group for teenagers who may be interested in starting their own company.

Often, people think, it’s hard to start your own company, but in so many ways it’s not. You, as a parent, are invited to attend every event, webinar, activity that your teen is invited to hang out with experienced entrepreneurs, educators and mentors.

“The Action Card”
We look forward to connecting…

How do I solve my biggest challenge / problems?  

My Story… “I’m not a very social person and struggle with depression, fear and feelings of self worth at times. This group helped me write my first book, helped me to become a national speaker and is helping me gain confidence, earn money and actually start my own business. Thank you!”
Tim – 15 year old

FREE Mastermind Group
Every Saturday for 30 minutes
10:00 am (et), 9:00 (ct), 8:00 (mt), 7:00 (pt)
– 712-775-7031
– Code: 688-592#

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