Mastermind Profiles

Alan Stein

International author and
speaker, business owner
and passionate about
Dimensional Living

Mark Boersma

Global – Caring – Everyone
Impacting everyone of
the 7+ billion people
in the world.

Brian Propp

Consistent – Positive – Honest
Wolf Commercial Real Estate
Former Philadelphia Flyer helping
business owners develop a plan for success
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Randy Eikermann

CPA and business owner helping
other business owners develop
systems to give owners freedom.

Ken Bucci - CPA

Working with business owners
to develop & implement financial
and business systems to gain

Misty Reynolds

Someone who has a vision
for growing their own business,
while helping other people.

Teresa Lekan

Executive Virtual Assistant
and business professional
making a positive impact
with each connection

GingerAnne Collins

Scott Allred

CPA, business owner,
and passionate about
making a difference
in the lives of people.

Kevin King

Helping people find what they
need in each area of their
lives and guiding you through
health insurance solutions.

Steve Minnich

Specializing in helping
business owners and others
“Manage the health of their

Karen Carlson

Business owner and entrepreneur
of multiple ventures, author, and a
connector of people

Brianne Edwards

Scott Jongsma

Professionals who have
a passion to provide value
to all those we serve together.

Ed Kirch

An experienced real estate Save & Exit
professional with a great
network and willingness
to help others.”

Brenna Jackman Allred

I enjoy working with those
who are positive, creative
and committed.

Gordon (Fitz) Fitzgerald

I enjoy working with
those who are positive,
creative and committed.