Thoughts On Step 2: Solutions

Step 2: Solutions
Once we complete Step 1: Examination, we’re able to then move to Step 2: Solutions. We have found that people tend to like three types of solutions, a basic, intermediate and advanced. No one solution is inherently better than another solution. Each solution has it’s benefits. The more advanced the solution, the stronger the results will be and the faster one will normally see results.

Your certified consultant will assist you in discovering the best solution to meet your specific needs, budget and goals. As we see success, every solution, implemented properly will assist us to gain more time and increase our income. When that time and additional income is invested properly we will continue to gain more free time and earn more income.

a. Basic Solutions
The basic solution is a great solution if someone knows they need help but not really sure where they need the help. Individuals also tend to like to understand everything before starting to implement and/or those who have limited budgets or do not have a strong sense of urgency also are good candidates for getting started with a basic solution. The following are some possible basic solutions. Basic solutions will usually run under $1,000 and/or less than $300 a month.

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b. Intermediate Solutions
Intermediate solutions actually combine the solution with implementation. While there are a number of different types of intermediate solutions, often the best intermediate solution is where a customized plan is developed to create a BOS – Business Operating System for one’s business.

The BOS is the engine that runs our business. We earn the money we earn, we work the hours we work, we have the stress and life balance we do or do not have due to our business engine i.e. our BOS. There are specialized tools and systems which are designed to engineer our BOS to be precisely what we need it to be to achieve our personal and professional goals.

Once we have a customized plan, we then need assistance to make sure we take the right actions, in the right way, over the right period of time. A major factor in proper implementation is learning to think in a different way than we do now. There are those who would make a very strong argument that we are earning precisely what we are and working the hours we are due to how we think. To double our income and reduce the hours we work there is a very strong argument that we need to learn to think in a very different way.

c. Advanced Solutions
There are three parts to our BOS – Business Operating System . . .
3. DNA for LIFE

Advanced solutions can include taking your story, your IP – Intellectual Property, and literally helping you to have systems which are so powerful that you can take it around the world. Think about it . . . if you were to build a system, within your industry, that was so powerful that your business could run without you . . . how many other people in your industry would be interested in having that same type of system? How much would people be willing to invest to gain access to that type of system?

Advanced solutions are so powerful that you literally get paid for how you think. Your thinking is what produces the systems that produce the BOS – Business Operating System which is helping you to earn the money you are and work the hours you work. Once you achieve that level of success the next level is making your IP – Intellectual Property, available to where others in yours and other industries can gain benefit.

How many people are in your industry? What if even 3% of those people were paying you only a few hundred dollars a month for how you have learned to think. How much money would you be earning? If this process was fully automated, you could earn all that money without any of your time being invested. Now you understand why this is called and “Advanced Solution.”