“She excels at customer service”

Misty Reynolds not only teaches Customer Service, she inspires others to excel at it. She does not treat customers like customers, she builds relationships with them. She then teaches everyone around her to do the same. At the end of the day, it’s is all about the relationships you developed with each and every customers, taking ownership in that relationship.  Misty encourages, coaches, and inspired others to live it!

Darrell Meek

Operations Manager, JD Streett & Co.

“Misty is amazing when it comes to working with people. Her enthusiasm and expressive personality helps put everyone at ease the second they meet her. Misty’s gifts and talents are helping me to grow my CPA practice. She can assist any business owner develop systems and deeply understand people which creates greater success for everyone.”

Randy Eikermann


“I have trained and mentored individuals in their speaking skills from all around the world and Misty is one of the most gifted and most talented individuals I have ever mentored.  Her understanding and application of personalities helps her to see things that very few people would ever see.  Her excitement, passion and energy help people to change quickly.  Every company would benefit from working with her!”

Mark Boersma

Worldwide Author/Speaker and Business Owner


“How does someone you’ve never meet impact you in such a way that it not only changes your life and helps each one of your employees as well?  I ask myself that every day and Misty is one of those individuals with deep understanding of how to help people.  Misty, through one of her white papers, helped me to understand how to better manage my time and tasks and now I’m getting more done in less time.  Every business owner should be working with Misty, her team and her network!  Thanks Misty!”

Gordon Fitzgerald

“I own my own E-VA (Executive Assistant) firm and I love working with Misty. She not only makes things easy as she’s excellent with follow through, but she makes it a fun and enjoyable experience. She’s very good at getting things done quickly and efficiently.”

GingerAnne Collins

VEA Solutions

“Misty Reynolds, is one of the most friendly and fun people to interact with that I know! Her energy is contagious and she connects with people on a deep level that creates instant rapport with everyone she comes in contact with. Because of her extensive training and certification in the Level 1- Personality Masteries she is able to communicate with others the way that others are comfortable with and therefore she is able to help others with her many different skills. I have learned a lot from her and I always enjoy talking with her. She is great!”

Angelina Flemmer

Business Owner