Did you know that over 30% of the population
desires to become a speaker and/or author?

Why do people have dreams and desires which so often go unfulfilled?

What will our lives be like in 10, 20 or even 40 years if we do not pursue our dreams and desires? Would you value a proven turnkey system of training, mentoring and peer accountability that will help you become a speaker and/or author? What are others saying . . . There are many topics which will help you open the doors to becoming a speaker and author, but none so powerful as Personality Masteries.  When you incorporate Personality Masteries into whatever subject/topic you are passionate about you increase your probability of success by a great deal.

Having the knowledge base that you do on a topic is powerful, without question.  Leveraging that knowledge into making money is a whole different animal which is why we have partnered up with a number of experts and companies in many different industries to bring you tools, systems and processes to help you leverage your talents, gifts and experience into writing a book and/or becoming a speaker.

NOTE:  If you, at any time, become overwhelmed in reviewing all the information and would like to just have someone else do everything for you, skip to the bottom of the page.
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We trust you will be as excited to use these amazing tools and resources as others have been.  Through the integration of Personality Masteries you will learn so much about yourself and others that you will be able to write any book and will have the skills to open doors to speak all around the world.

All training is online. Any representation of material is presented to assist you to understand what you will be receiving through online training only. No materials will be sent to you as you will have access to everything 24/7 directly online.

Dr. Pam Straker  (Ph.D. in Psychology) “This is the fastest, easiest, most powerful program/system for understanding personalities I have ever seen.  It is presented in a way that anyone can understand and use every day in every area of their lives.” www.filedby.com/author/pamela_d_straker_ph_d/4100228/

Dr. Gregory Simpson  (Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry) “I have never seen anything like this.  It is helping me personally and professionally.  It is a scientific process for understanding people, which anyone can understand.  I use what I have learned EVERY day!” www.bioanswers.com

To use the tools and resources properly we really do need to understand some of the reasons why 10 Months To Success – Becoming an International Author & Speaker – is so powerful.  Check out the following . . . 10 Months To Success is much more than a product or service, it is really a life changing movement.  Why is it so powerful?

“As Past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., leading over 140,000 sales professionals in over 70 countries, I had the privilege to be on TV all around the world.  I have spoken in numerous countries and been exposed to a thousands of systems in my life.

I have to tell you, the genius behind Level 1 Certification, is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.  When you combine Personality Masteries with the 5/30 Grid, Mastermind MAGIC, MCAT (CRM-training system) and a toolbox of tools and systems you get something far beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

For the first time in my life I saw, as a result of Personality Masteries, at the deepest core, who I really was and why.  I understood things about myself that I never even realized I didn’t know.  This new knowledge helped me to take my speaking to a whole new dimension of success.

I have been told by many people around the world that I am an amazing speaker, but I never understood the science behind it.  The Certification and then the ongoing Master Mind Group helped me to understand why I was where I was, and what I needed to do to take my game to a whole new level.

I remember when I was approached about being a speaker and author, I said ‘Are you kidding? I can’t even write a good memo, and I don’t have any extra  time available.’  This system is bullet proof and it only takes one hour a week to do. Simply amazing!”

Tom Kunz, Past President  – CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.

In the back of my mind, I’d been thinking about writing a book…sometime. This Mastermind Group gave me the encouragement and knowledge to get me started and now I’m creating materials for college.

Alan Stein, President, Division of Architecture, Tanglewood Conservatories

I started my own company to provide Virtual Assistants for companies and jobs for other stay-at-home Moms, just like me. It took less than four weeks to co-     author my book and now it is being offered all over the world. It never would have happened without the training from the Certification program and the on-going support of the Master Mind Group.

GingerAnne Collins, President,  EVA Solutions

When I found two large boxes of letters, photos and memorabilia,  telling the story of my family, beginning with my grandfather’s birth in 1884 and going right up through World War II, I knew I had to share the story with the world. I just had no idea how I was going to do it. The minute I heard about the Authors and Speakers Mastermind Group, I didn’t even think twice but jumped right in. My first book is almost finished, I’ve published articles in an e-magazine and I started writing a blog three months ago that is now being read in 15 countries…. and that number increases every week. It’s amazing!  I KNOW that it never would have happened without the help, direction and encouragement I’ve gotten from this whole system. I’m having so much fun and everyone want to hear my stories!  Judy Guion,  “A Slice of Life”, Lessons from the Greatest Generation

www.greatestgenerationlessons.wordpress.com   | Tony Pires, “The UpSide of Life”

As Tom shared there is so much content that is
available and more is being developed every week

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