Integrity Leadership

Generating massive results by
being a great steward for all that
we have been entrusted with . . .

Similar types of courses from colleges or from for profit businesses often run well over $1,000 and some even higher than $3,000 In lesson five, within the course, we GIVE is taught. We are so confident that this course

It cost Life Masteries Institute $385 to produce, publish, promote and support the course. To instill the gift / discipline of the GIVE we charge $35 per person for the course and then encourage the company and the employee going through the course, as they see the value to each give $175 or more for their part of the course.

Any extra given over and above what is encouraged will be used by, Life Masteries Institute which is a 501(c)3 non profit organization, to provide this amazing training, way of thinking to additional individuals all around the world.

Your generous contribution is greatly appreciated and reinforces that individuals are generous by nature, that people love to GIVE and will actually get more and give more as a result of how we have uniquely structured this program.

Please register for the course for all those who will be taking this course within your group. Please follow up with an email to with a list of those who will be taking the course along with their phone number and email. We will register each one of them individual and they will have access to their own online training they will be able to access 24/7.

We trust you enjoy this course, this experience, this amazing life changing way of thinking and invite others in your network to participate with you.

Pay it Forward