How valuable would it be to have MORE and BETTER leads for your business that closed faster and converted more prospects into clients?

allenstein“We’ve REVOLUTIONIZED our business! Thanks to the Sticky Messages Course we have changed the way that we market and advertise and in turn have increased our business.”
~Alan Stein, President of Tanglewood Conservatories

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Do you have a gut feeling that you could be earning a lot more money and still work less hours?
This 7-week course may be the most powerful learning experience you have ever gone through.
The Benefits To Us . . .
When we learn how to create sticky messages we will generate more and better leads for our business, convert more prospects to clients, convert leads faster, gain more referrals and create clien-for-life relationships.

The BOS and specifically the DNA for BUSINESS helps to ensure that we are delivering the right message to the right people and the most people possible. The DNA for PEOPLE helps us to learn how to deliver that message to someone based on their personality. The DNA for LIFE helps us to learn the deep truths which create a deep connection with people.

6stickyTo create a sticky message, Made To Stick maps it out well, giving us six things that create sticky messages. The more of these six things we incorporate into our message, the more sticky it becomes.

When we learn how to “ask the best question”, the question that opens the hearts and minds of those we are communicating with, the message we are seeking to communicate will become more sticky. For those in business, it will mean more leads, better leads and stronger leads. It will mean the ability to convert more leads into clients and will help us to do it faster. When we embrace what is shared in this white paper, read Made To Stick, and go through the course, we will learn how to create a stronger client experience resulting in more referrals and client-for-life relationships.

From a personal perspective, we will have better relationships as we will learn to first and foremost learn to ask better, questions listen better and in a deeper way to understand what those around us are seeking.

Big Picture
When it’s all said and done . . . the bottom line is . . .

Ask A Question . . .
. . . Tell A Story

Course Outline

1. Simplicity
2. Unexpectedness
3. Concreteness
4. Credibility
5. Emotion
6. Stories

Who Should Go Through This Course?
– The person / people leading up this effort.
– Those in Area 1: Marketing to generate more and better leads.
– Those in Area 2: Pre-Sales to use the marketing content to better warm the leads.
– Those in Area 3: The Sale to convert leads faster.
– Those in Area 4: Servicing to assist clients build the system.
– Those in Area 5: Client For Life to gain more referrals faster.

The Benefits To This Course
– Generate More and Better leads
– Convert more leads into clients . . . FASTER !
– Gain more referrals from current clients
– Build “Relationships For Life”
– Install systems which do the work for us
– Learn how to produce better results with less time and effort
. . . and a whole lot more.


simple2Less words say more. And the easier it is to understand what is being shared, the more sticky our message will be.

When we “Ask A Question . . . ” and make the question simple and to the point, it opens people’s hearts and minds. The simple act of asking a question shows that we are interested in the person and interested in discovery, rather than trying to sell something or get our point across.

simpletocomplexThe hard part is how do we come up with the the best simple question to ask? Ask our clients what biggest challenge our product or services solve for them and / or what our product / services do for them that they like the best.

Once we find out the magic behind our products / services or anything we’re working to solve, we then can turn that into a question that will trigger thoughts of an open mind. A great simple question causes people to have an open mind and an open heart. Simple great questions create a gap!

“. . . Tell A Story!” helps to fill the opening or the gap that the questions revealed.It moves the reader or the listener to remember the story, more than anything else we could say about our products or services.


unexpectedQuestions create curiosity in people and draw them into what we are saying. We need to arrest their attention, we need to stop them in their tracks, we need to surprise, shock and cause people to realize they have a gap in their knowledge.

stickybosOnce a gap is created through a great question then the Story can fill that gap. That story touches people, based on their own personality, on many different emotional touch points which make what we are sharing very sticky.

NatLawsLogofableWhy are Aesop’s Fables so powerful? They are stories that teach us life’s lessons. The DNA for LIFE and Natural Laws provide the same value in sharing profound insights that may have taken decades to discover, but a simple story will convey deep meaning and benefit to those with whom we are communicating.. A great example of this would be . . .

Have I ever wondered what the secret is to reproducing our success in others?

stickyqrThe Warm Belly Rub Principle took over a decade to discover but can be shared and understood in minutes.

appOnce we discover how to make our messages simple and unexpected we need to learn how to get our messages to more people. What is better than one person getting our sticky message? It’s a lot more people getting that same message. To do that we need to have a full BOS that includes the DNA for PEOPLE, DNA for BUSINESS, and DNA for LIFE. The DNA for PEOPLE is Personality Masteries and it’s the deep understanding, the science of understanding people at their DNA level. This stickyqr2combined with the six aspects of creating a Sticky Message will change how you communicate to everyone.


concreteWhen we “Ask A Question . . . ” it helps those we are communicating with to have a concrete understanding of what we are sharing.

stickyoutline3“. . . Tell A Story!” To tell a great story it must have many aspects which are naturally concrete. Concrete language helps people to better remember what we are sharing. When we link our message to something that they are already familiar with, this makes our message far more sticky.

When you purchase the book, look around page 110 for some amazing things . . . Stories evolved away from abstraction over time, memory is more like Velcro, our brains host a staggering number of loops / hooks. The more hooks an idea has the better it will cling to remember. Great teachers have a knack for multiplying the hooks. Experience, the “DO” not the “THINK”, is what creates the rock-solid hooks. The difference between an EXPERT and a NOVICE is the ability to think abstractly.



credibleWhen we “Ask A Question . . . ” it builds credibility with those we are asking the question to as they now believe that we are interested in them, their thoughts, their ideas, their insights and their experiences. It also shows people that we care and that we are humble and understand that we need to ask the question because we don’t know everything.

“. . . Tell A Story!” builds credibility because we can argue about facts, statistics, opinions but we can’t really argue about a story. A story, our story, someone else’s story is just that. . . a story. We could argue about the meaning the story has but not about the story itself.

stickydnaforpeopleAnother powerful aspect of a story is that it gives the person the opportunity to process through the question, the story, and their own experiences as it connects to the question and the story . . . and then come to their own conclusion. When someone comes to their own conclusion it is much more powerful than when we tell someone what or how to think.


emotionalWhen we “Ask A Question . . . ” that is emotional we give a spark of energy, passion, thought, curiosity . . . something that engages the reader / listener.

“. . . Tell A Story!” A story is naturally emotional. When we become aware of the personalities and what triggers emotion for each of the four personalities, which we learn from the seven week course, we start to build all six of the steps to create a very sticky message.


“If I look at the mass, I will never act.  If I look at one, I will.”
Mother Teresa

“When people think analytically, they’re less likely to think emotionally”
Made To Stick – pg 167

“Once we put on our analytical hat, we hinder our ability to feel.  For people to take action, they have to care.”
Made To Stick


storyWhen we “Ask A Question . . . ” and open the hearts and minds of those to hear the question we make it easy for the mind to hear what is being shared.

“. . . Tell A Story!” The story makes it fun and will draw people into what we’re sharing.

stickydnaforpeopleStories are naturally simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, and emotional.

Having a deep understanding of different personality types will also give us the ability to communicate in a sticky way.

If you’re getting the feeling that this course is complex, we want to set your mind at ease. It is not! Actually, most everything you learn in this course could be understood by a high school student. The learning is not the hard part. As with most great things in life, it’s the doing that is the hard part.

There is a solution for that as well. There are a group of trained and certified VA’s — Virtual Assistants– who, if needed, can be contracted to do all this work for you on your behalf.

There are many solutions to assisting you with follow through on what you learn from this course. You can follow through on your own, be coached one-on-one, join a group coaching and/or a mastermind group, or contract with a VA to do all the work for you.

They are actually more committed to assisting you with your follow through in this course than the things you learn. Learning will make you feel really smart . . . DOING will actually help you to earn a lot of money AND work a lot less hours, have less stress, and have greater life balance in every area of your life.

What you will learn in this course is not taught in any business college course, is not taught in any workshop or seminar, and is not coached on. Professionals and thought leaders will share, in passing, that businesses should DO these things, but in reality, they do not want to take the time to really train companies specifically HOW to DO these things.

Additional Information On E-VA’s

The entire course was designed to train and develop a powerful Marketing system to help one have more time, make more money, have less stress, and greater life balance. What would your businesses be like if you implemented the Sticky Messages principles within your business?

This is what the Sticky Messages Course can do for you. It’s a system which helps you to invest very few resources and see some amazing results.

This system should be a part of your BOS – Business Operating System. If you have your BOS already in place this will provide some amazing “fertilizer” which will bring new and exciting life to your business, your profitability, your time and your energy.

For Information On Building Your Own Bos

About Your Instructor

MarkBoersmaMark Boersma, international speaker, author, and trainer will present over 100 natural laws, systems, tools, processes, and techniques to help you build a sales system/process that will change the way you sell.

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