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I took the next step because it made sense to me.  My questions were always answered throughout the entire process.

I saw how this would help me as well as those around me.  There are powerful solutions for every level of individual.

I took action quickly as I knew it would help me to achieve my goals in a more effective way.

It was fun, easy and the community of people I was introduced too was exciting for me.

Questions?  Call toll free – 888.230.2300 or outside US 630.393.9909

Option 1 – Level 1 & 2 Examination
The 30 Minute Strategy Session

There is no cost to do a 30 minute Strategy Session.  You’ll be amazed at how much is covered in only a few minutes.  The first 14 minutes will be asking questions to get to know us better and the last 16 minutes will help us to determine the best NEXT Step solution for us to take.

Our certified consultant will help us to better understand our personality type, how we can improve our overall effectiveness, and what makes us specifically unique / special.

There are a wide range of solutions, some of which have no costs.  Do not expect to be sold anything as we won’t be.  Our certified consultant will help us to determine the best solution for us and then will only push us if we say we want to be pushed.

Time permitting our certified consultant will also give us an overview of the BOS – Business Operating System which is the engine we need to achieve our wow income goal, while working the hours we desire to work.

Once online survey is completed a certified consultant will follow up to schedule a phone call.

Option 2 – Level 3 & 4 Examination
Full Business X-Ray

The Business X-Ray has been compared to consultants who charge over $40,000 to analyze a business . . . and the $285 Business X-Ray comes out ahead.

The Business X-Ray will look at three dimensions, nine major areas within a business, seven systems, over forty personal / professional areas, and four phases in business. This normally takes 15 to 25 years to achieve, but the Business X-Ray shows us how to achieve that success in 3 to 5 years, and also covers a lot more.
. . .
Once online payment is made a certified consultant will follow up to schedule a phone call to schedule a time to do the interview and then a second time to review over results.