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I should have taken action much faster!

When I clearly saw how this would help me help others it was an easy decision to take action.

I am so glad I took quick action on the X-Ray and then on ActionVision & E-VA’s!

I took action quickly and am so glad I did!  I don’t understand why some people overthink things so much!

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Option 1 – Ideal Option For Most
One On One Coaching

There are many possible solutions!  The most popular is ActionVision for business owners, sales professionals and leaders.

From the examination, a customized ActionVision plan is designed and engineered specifically to be your new business engine, or BOS – Business Operating System.

For those who follow through with an ActionVision plan, the average individual will see an increase in work productivity of 35% within 30 days, over 95% of those who start ActionVision will follow through.   Most individuals will seek to double their income and reduce the number of hours they are working with their first year’s plan.

Option 2 – The Power Of Many Minds
Mastermind Partnerships

Year 1:  Learn
Year 2:  Direct
Year 3:  Replicate

This amazing program is offered through Life Masteries Institute (LMI) which is a 501c3 non profit organization.  Individuals who have gone through the first 12 months have said they’ve learned and done more in 12 months than they have in decades.

If this was offered through a for profit business this program would run over $2,000 a month.  It’s only $300 a month and there are Pay It Forward scholarships which are available for those in need.

Option 3 – Online Courses
Learn At Your Own Pace

Many individuals have found that specialized online courses designed for both personal and professional growth are often the best solution.

Life Masteries Institute offers many online courses which will assist you to achieve your full potential, increase your income and reduce the number of hours you work.

Personality Masteries, or the DNA for PEOPLE is often the course that many individuals will start with.  There are a wide range of courses available for leadership development, The 5/30 Grid, DNA for BUSINESS and Creating Profitable Partnerships.

Within The 5/30 Grid, there are courses in Area 1: Marketing (generating more and better leads),  Area 2: Pre-Sales (converting more leads into clients), Area 3: The Sale (converting leads faster), Area 4: Servicing (generating massive referrals) and Area 5: Client For Life.

It is strongly recommended that those who take courses also participate in one on one coaching and / or  mastermind groups.

Option 4 – The Power Of Groups
Group Coaching

Group coaching and mastermind groups will help to insure that everything we’re learning, we’re applying.  Learning in groups and masterminds will help us to SEE things from many different perspectives, it will help us to THINK in ways which will make us far more effective and will assist us to DO; to take action on those things we learn.

The DNA for LIFE within the BOS – Business Operating System is critical to connecting all three DNA’s together – PEOPLE – BUSINESS – LIFE.  

There are many different types of group coaching and mastermind groups covering many topics and industries.

Once we complete the Business X-Ray, our certified consultant will help us to determine what is the best solution to move forward with, what group to join and then how to gain the most value from the group(s) we participate with.

Taking action quickly will help us to gain confidence and learn from the success of others.