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Lesson 2: Where to Get Started

Now that we’ve finished up Lesson 1 and we’re rock solid where we know that we need an E-VA we’re ready for coaching lesson #2.

This lesson will give you the steps to getting started and the understanding of how to generate the best results in the least amount of time.

How do I use E-VA’s to give me more time in the day?
How do I get E-VA’s to help me earn more money ?
How do I use E-VA’s to help me fulfill my Life Vision ?
How do I use my E-VA’s to impact the community AND help me to earn more money?
What will help me to get the most from my E-VA’s?
How do I get my E-VA’s to build and run my BOS – Business Operating System?
How do I leverage my passions and connect my E-VA’s into those passions and networks to grow my business more?
Is it possible to actually have E-VA’s helping me improve my marriage and help me to be a better parent? 🙂

Synergy is now contracting with our 9th E-VA and seeking to bring on more. I think the reason we are so successful in using E-VA’s is that we are leveraging The 5/30 Grid and BOS like crazy and all the pieces fit together so well. I think another reasons is that we’re very disciplined in our follow through and while we often do get quick pay off with E-VA, when we don’t we don’t give up but continue to press forward and work on things until they do pay off. We do not quit! The truth is that if we can help everyone of our clients, everyone in our networks to best use E-VA’s then everyone of our clients, those in our networks businesses will grow. When everyone around us is growing their business then our business will grow as well. I can’t wait to share in the Q&A about Ken Bucci, CPA – owner of an accounting firm and how he’s using his E-VA’s to help his team members to grow and service their clients better AND what that will do to grow and expand his business.

Mark Boersma, President – Synergy Solutions, Inc. – International Speaker & Author

Here is a great white paper which has been a benefit to others. “Please Clone Me

Would you like to gain even more benefit? Pass these coaching sessions to other leaders / business owners. As we help other business leaders / owners around us to grow their businesses, they will help us to grow our business. “Together we can accomplish so much more than we ever could on our own.”

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How To Get The Most From An E-VA
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