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Lesson 3: The Challenges Which Will Be Faced

Do we find that when things get tough that people often quit right before they see success?

This is the number one reason people will fail in most things in life and contracting with E-VA firms is no different. Learn the challenges which will be faced before we get started so we can see success faster.

What are the biggest challenges / problems faced?
Problem: What if I’m not focused? // Solution: Have a plan and great coaching!
Problem: Not sure what to do? // Solution: Have a system!
Problem: I don’t have enough time. // Solution: Systems / E-VA’s will give us more time!
Problem: Money is tight. // Solution: Invest into the right systems and people and success will be consistent.
Problem: I don’t understand everything. // Solution: If you were building a house you wouldn’t understand everything. Trust the integrity of the system!

Here is a great white paper which has been a benefit to others. “Change Management System

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