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Lesson 4: Connecting Your Systems With That Of Other Businesses

Do we think we have a lot more potential in building partnerships and better leveraging the networks for those in our networks?

E-VA’s are masters at using their networks and helping us to better use our networks to gain more and better referrals. E-VA’s will help us to build systems which will attract the best people to us. Our systems and our E-VA’s will be working even when we aren’t work.

How to set up a Profitable Partnership system.
How to gain access to the 5,500 people the average business owner will know.
How to help those around me to build their own BOS.
Learn how to think faster, think in a different way AND take action quickly and consistently.

Here is a great white paper which has been a benefit to others. ” Profitable Partnerships

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How To Get The Most From An E-VA
“Executive Virtual Assistant”