4 Free Coaching Lessons

Lesson 1: How To Best Use E-VA’s

Have you ever wondered how to give yourself more time?
Have you ever wondered how to clone yourself?
Have you ever wondered how you could get your team to think in a very different way?
E-VA (Executive Virtual Assistants) are highly trained professionals who have been through the most advanced training in the world for developing and running your very own BOS – Business Operating System.

Learn what questions you should be asking and not even know.
Learn the best practices / steps to take prior to contracting with an E-VA firm.
Learn where to find the best E-VA firms.
Learn what you can really get done using E-VA firms.
Learn how to not make the mistakes that most owners / leaders make in contracting with E-VA firms.
Learn within The 5/30 Grid, what E-VA firms can do to bring magic to your business and life.

If we want more time, this is a great white paper to help us to learn to think about time in a very different way.
The Secret About Time

This one coaching lesson will start you on a journey which will change the way you do business and life.

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How To Get The Most From An E-VA
“Executive Virtual Assistant”