Community / Business Partnerships

“Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate Ltd. helped raise over 100 million dollars for Easter Seals. Mr. Kunz shares his decades of wisdom in helping non profits/community based organizations partner with businesses to create a WIN WIN.”

Purpose For Mastermind
To assist businesses and community based organizations to partner together for the mutual benefit of both and the community at large.

Why We Started The Group
How can business and community based organizations work better together.  Tom Kunz, past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world helped to raise over 100 million dollars and Tom’s secrets are shared in this mastermind group.

Often business owners feel somewhat used by community based organization where they are asked for time, money and resources from community based organization.   Community based organizations actually have so much that they can do to assist business owners but simple do not know how to do this.  This mastermind group helps all parties to come away with a win win win for everyone.  For additional information and valuable resources – click here

Day & Time & Location 

– Every Monday5:00 am (pst), 6:00 am (mst), 7:00 am (cst), 8:00 am (est)
– Conference calling number – 712-775-7031    // Access Code: 688-592#
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– NONE – Members have found the most interesting thing.  Those you Pay It Forward and make a commitment to contribute weekly gain the most value.  It’s also interesting that those who contribute more seem to gain more value.

“The 5/30 Grid is both simple and very complex. It is easy to understand and powerful. Where is the best place to start for the best implementation for you and your company/organization? Normally it’s The ‘Golden Triangle’ as this the the cornerstone six boxes to the entire 5/30 Grid. This workbook will help you to better understand yourself, help you to discover your own personal Life Vision and then how that connects into the overall vision of your company / organization. Download your complementary PDF copy of this workbook and then find a handful of other professionals who have similar passions as you do and then work on the workbook together.”

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Module 1 - Natural Laws
Have you ever thought that there was a lot of business opportunities in doing business with community based organizations and/or if you are a community based organization do you believe you could help your cause by better partnering with businesses. When we understand the natural laws of building an organization/business and how those laws are very much the same for both, we will see how we can better partner with one another in a very powerful way. This lesson will help us understand some of those natural laws and help us to get the foundation in place for seeing greater success in community/business partnerships.

Chapter 1 - HOPE - The Belief We Can Accomplish Anything
There are 5 H’s to success both as a community based organization and business. The first “H” is HOPE. When we learn how to help those we are leading, those we are serving to have more HOPE, we will all see greater success. Together we can accomplish so much more together than we ever could on our own.

Chapter 2 - Head - The Knowledge to Know What to Do
Have you ever had a deep feeling that your organization and/or business had so much more potential but just were not sure how to tap into that potential. HOPE, chapter 1 is a great first start but we need to have the Head knowledge to achieve those dreams and goals we see. When we learn the six steps to drilling and maintaining an oil well, we will see the science to seeing the success to achieve the overall vision.

Chapter 3 - Heart - The Passion, Life Purpose, and Life Vision
What is the vision for our organization/company? How do we know what are the best actions to take? What does our passion, life purpose and life vision have to do with achieving the overall vision for our organization/company? We will also look at in this lesson Step 2: Develop & Deliver A Message to those we target to achieve the goals we have set out.

Chapter 4 - Hands - The knowledge to know what to do
Have you ever had the greatest intentions and then not followed through? Have you ever knew you should take action on something but then do not? We can have all the HOPE, Head knowledge, Heart, but without Hands, we will not move forward. The Hands, taking action is so critical. We’ll learn how different personality types tend to approach taking in a different way. Step 3: Ask Key Questions will help us to learn how to take faster action with less effort.

Chapter 5 - HELP - Giving back/HELPING others
Have you ever set out to help someone and realized that in helping someone else you were actually helping yourself? HELPing is actually where we learn the most. We will also learn about The NEXT Dimension Principle, the 4 Levels of Learning and the 4 Types of Coaching. Step 4: Present Solutions is a fun step as we take all the work that we have done up to this point and see it all pay off.

Conclusion - Taking Profitable Action
Have you learned a lot? Do you have a lot of knowledge and feel like taking action? To see the success that we know we can have we must do the right actions, in the right way, over the right period of time. Most individuals will get less disciplined as they go through a series which is a shame as the reverse should happen. We’ve come so far, we don’t want to become sloppy now. Let’s finish strong!

Action Plan - A Plan for Implementation
Do you feel you need a specific plan to really see the success you so desire? This lesson will give us the five steps needed to develop a rock solid plan and then follow through with that plan. The example plan actually could be used and strongly considers the different personalities and how they can best work together. We will see how all the different pieces all fit together very nicely.

Valuable Resources
Would you like more time? Would you like less stress? The 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters are the answer to both of these questions. When we apply the 5/30 Grid we will see greater success in every area of our community based organization and/or business. Do you believe we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own?  Congratulations on getting through all the courses withing the book Community/Business Partnerships.

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