Lesson 1

Hear from Steve, owner of Allevia Infusion Care in business for 20+ years with 1000 employees, what it takes to attract and keep C-Level people in a Mastermind setting.

One of Steve’s right hand team members is Izzy. Izzy is leading so many key initiatives. As C-Level professionals how do we all find “our Izzy’s” those individuals who are amazing and growing each and every day. Izzy will be doing a great deal of the day to day things in helping Steve to start / participate in his own C-Level Coffee Connection group. If Steve is traveling around the world and not able to participate Izzy will fill in for him and clone Steve.

If you would like to clone yourself OR maybe you already have “your own Izzy” but you need to clone them . . . join the “Please Clone Me” mastermind group.

Please Clone Me Mastermind Group

Nevada Home Infusion Care Services
Who will they respect? How much time will they give? What value will they be looking for? What are the common challenges that they will all face?


Is the C-Level group for you?
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Q & A Discussion:
Alan, owner of Tanglewood Conservatories, explains the differences between C-level Executives and Entrepreneurs/ Founders. How do they Think Differently when challenges hit? What are their leadership characteristics? How do entrepreneurial-minded CEOs gain an advantage industry-wide?


Tony shares his search for the right company and objectives for success. Do C-Level people learn to Trust in a transactional/give-and-take manner?


How would a 7-year-old out-perform an MBA Student by asking this question: How does a C-level Executive permeate all levels of your company with your visions/goals?

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