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Level 1
This level sets the foundation for any business owner, any leader in a business, anyone in sales, anyone who desires to see greater success in any area of their life, or to take themselves to new levels of success.

Mastermind Objective
To assist eacthinkh member to learn how to better leverage their networks and learn how to develop and install their own custom BOS – Business Operating System which will empower them to earn more, work less, have less stress, and increase their overall life balance.

This weekly one hour Mastermind group will meet via conference call and webinar. There will be a combination of live and online instruction, Q&A, discussion groups, blogs and team get togethers. Within 30 days of joining a mastermind group it is expected that for every hour you invest that you’ll get three hours back in extra time.

More Time – Get your business to run more like a machine without you
More Profit – Greater inefficiencies + greater consistencies.
Less Stress – Stronger systems = predictable results.
More Leads – Stronger Area 1: Marketing systems produce more leads.
Better Leads – Better messaging with better databases means better leads.
More Conversations – Solid Area 2: Pre-Sales systems convert more leads to clients.
Faster Sales – Disciplined Area 3: The Sales activities close prospects faster.
More Referrals – Scientific approach to Area 4: Servicing produces more referrals.
Higher Profit Margins – Precise Area 5: Client For Life keeps clients for a lifetime.
Better Hiring – Apply The 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries to hiring process.
Profitable Partnerships – Apply BOS to partnership model.

Mastermind Partnerships is not a quick fix program but a scientific approach to taking one’s business or one’s career and move to a whole new level of success over time. You will not only gain a great return from your financial investment into the system but will gain a great return on your time. Imagine . . . gaining three hours back for every one hour you invest as a result of working smarter, better systems, stronger delegation, contracting out the right things and very profitable partnerships.

Mastermind Services – Level 1
There is a wide range of flexibility in the Mastermind Partnership and can be tweaked to meet your specific needs. In Levels 2 and 3 there are more tools, more online courses, phone support, and higher level training. Every level is powerful and the proper fit considering your goals, budget, and how quickly you would like to see results is important to seeing the best success.

There is a twelve month signed agreement to enter into the program. You may move to higher levels if you find the current level is not advancing you as fast as you would like to move.

Mastermind Calls / Webinars
Based on your application you will be placed in an appropriate group Mastermind call and webinar. In addition to hearing the discussions you will also be able to visually see the executive presenter as they share the details and models for each lesson being presented.

There are a wide range of Mastermind groups. Some are as small as a handful of people and others may have hundreds of participants. If you are not getting everything you would like from your Mastermind group we will evaluate your situation and make the required modifications to improve your experience with the possibility to change your groups if needed.

Many Mastermind calls / webinars are recorded. If your Mastermind call is recorded you are free to request it for your review if you miss the call and/or would like to further study what was shared on the call.

Small Groups
You will be assigned a group with other individuals to also connect with throughout the Mastermind Partnerships program. Group size could be between three and a maximum of twelve individuals. We encourage small groups to connect once a week even if it’s only for 15 minutes to share progress, successes, challenges, what’s working, and what’s not. You are encouraged to connect with others in your small group as is mutually beneficial in sharing best practices.

You are free to email any questions, challenges, or issues you are having in any area of your business or life to an email support center. Usually your email will be responded to within a couple of hours. Maximum time for response would be 24 business hours.

Online Lessons
To gain additional learning, many topics have lessons online which will provide more detailed learning on specific topics of interest. To gain the most benefit financially and time return from one’s investment many individuals will study topics from online lessons prior to attending the weekly live calls / webinars to put themselves in the best position to learn.

Mastermind 12 Month Outline – Level 1
(In development)

timesecret– Learn how to think about TIME in a different way
White Paper “The Secret About Time”
– Overview – DNA for PEOPLE
– Overview – DNA for BUSINESS
– Overview – DNA for LIFE

eyelogo3d2– The discovery of my own Life Vision
– Systems for DNA for PEOPLE
– Systems for DNA for BUSINESS
– Systems for DNA for LIFE

BOS-Logo-Final1– How do I set up the best BOS – Business Operating System
– Do I build it myself or have someone else build it?
– Where do I get started?
– How do I get others to partner with me?

PMWP– The Analaytic
– The Driver
– The Expressive
– The Amiable

530-1– Area 1: Marketing
– Area 2: Pre-Sales
– Area 3: The Sale
– Area 4: Servicing
– Area 5: Client For Life

NatLawsLogo– Natural Laws and their power
– 10 minutes a day for the rest of my life
– A Healthy Brain & Heart
– The 8th Habit – My Story and helping others discover

GoldenTri_LIVE– Box 1: Identify Targets
– Q&A and review over assignments
– Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message
– Q&A and review over assignments

– Box 3: Track 100% Of Leads
– Q&A and review over assignments
530big– Box 4: Ask Key Questions
– Q&A and review over assignments

– Box 5: Implement Strategic Strike
– Q&A and review over assignments
– Box 6: Group People & Message
– Q&A and review over assignments

– How To Best Use E-VA’s (Executive Virtual Assistants)
– Where to get started
– The challenges which will be faced
– Connecting your systems with that of other businesses

IntLead6-2– The six levels for leadership
– How to build a following
– How to connect your Life Vision in with others
– Expanding your vision

PP– The six levels for partnerships
– How to get buy in
– Challenges faced
– Customizing your systems

Some individuals / companies will take longer than others to get through each of the twelve months. There is no race to the finish line and there is no requirement to finish in twelve months. Some lessons may apply more to you than others and you are always free to invest more time into those areas where there is the biggest need.

Life Masteries Institute has plenty of resources for an individual to take detailed training and masterminding in any one of the above topics if someone would prefer to go “deep” rather than “wide” in their learning and application.

You will be assigned a full account executive team AND a small group leader who will be able to assist you as needed as you progress through the program. In level 1 you are eligible for email support in addition to the support you receive in your weekly mastermind conference calls / webinar meetings.

1.2 Million Dollar Pay It Forward Endowment

Life Masteries Institute is a 501c3 non profit organization and has been richly blessed with a couple of very successful entrepreneurs who have given 1.2 million dollars to fund the Pay it Forward Endowment. These two individuals have been helped over the years, both personally and professionally, as a result of Life Masteries Institute programs, networks, systems, and training. They desired to pay it forward themselves and believe others will do so as well.

This fund was specifically created for the Level 1 – Mastermind Partnership program to enable any business owner / professional or anyone looking to get into business at some time to participate at very little costs.

The donors of the 1.2 million fund believe that people desire to be inherently honest and will always seek to give back more than what has been given. The two donors have experienced this themselves many times and have set up the entire system based on trusting those who gain benefit and pay it forward as they are able to.

The guidelines for this endowment is that anyone moving forward on a Level 1 Mastermind Partnership may do so just by completing the online application and are able to invest $100 a month or more of the $300 monthly investment required. This saves administrative and oversight costs so more of the money can be used to fund more participants.

Please do not take anything more of the endowment than you need so as many others can take advantage of the program as possible. There is a twelve month investment commitment, so please take enough to where you will not put yourself into a financial bind. You are always able to pay it forward anytime.

If you do not believe you are able to invest the $100 a month then a more complete application is required. The more advanced application will request financial and asset information as well. If at all possible, it is strongly recommended that you invest the $100 a month as that will save you and others time and resources. If there is a real need, we want you to complete the more detailed application.

Scholarship Opportunities
“Everyone deserves an opportunity for greatness!”

Everyone in the Mastermind Seminars / Partnerships (Community / Business Partnership) community is committed to helping everyone who is interested in learning, growing, and being the best they can be to participate in the Mastermind Partnership Experience.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the Mastermind Partnership mentoring program is eligible for a scholarship for the Level 1 Mastermind Partnerships program. There are two types of scholarships available. If your scholarship is granted you will pay the difference between your scholarship and the $300 a month.

Type 1: Working Scholarship
The “Working Scholarship” is designed to provide the opportunity for participants to engage in the program and put in practice what is being taught. The participant will actually put in practice what is being taught in the program through engagement with either the local Mastermind Seminar chapter or a pre-approved sponsoring business. This creates a WIN WIN WIN for everyone.

Type 2: Pay It Forward Scholarship
This type of scholarship is designed to where the participant, after they have implemented what has been learned in the program and are in a position financially to give back into the scholarship program, they do so, enabling the program to continue to “Pay It Forward” to others.

Thanks for filling out the application, someone will connect with you shortly.

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