Prospect Conversion System
Creating powerful Strategic Strikes to convert more prospects into clients

What is usually the fastest way to double our income? Normally . . . it’s to work twice as much but it’s easier to just double our sales closing ratio. If we double the number of leads we are converting out of 10, then we will double our income and reduce the number of hours we work.

thinkNapoleon Hill shares in “Think and Grow Rich” that “Whatever the mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve.”

Do you believe that?

Ask yourself . . . “What would my WOW – amazing – exciting income be over the next twelve months?”

When we allow ourselves to dream big dreams, that is the “conception” of the thought we now have.  Once we have a thought, our mind has conceived it.  The next step is to start believing in our dreams and goals.

The Prospect Conversion System is designed to assist you in building a system which will systematically take all of your prospects and turn them into clients.

We know that based on Natural Laws, like the Law a farmer uses: “If we plant the right seed, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, we will probably obtain a great harvest.”

When we understand Natural Laws, like the farmer does when planting, we will convert more prospects into clients, convert them faster and convert them with less effort.

Do you believe in the power of systems?

Imagine . . . having a system which is so powerful it would eliminate or at least reduce the roller coasters in your business!  
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To be consistent in the amount of sales we produce every month we need to be consistent in our efforts.  Have you found that human beings are often not consistent?  

When we build a turnkey Prospect Conversion System we leverage technology and media, and reproduce our best practices on a consistent basis.  Think about it . . . what if every prospect we ever received was put in a system which would touch them, saying the right things, at the right time, and in the right way?

Can you see how that would increase your “prospects to clients” conversation rate, i.e. how much money you earn?

Can you hear what prospects would be saying when they got just the right message, at just the right time, delivered in just the right way?

What will you and those around you be feeling when you are converting more of your prospects into clients, doing it faster, with less effort, earning a lot more money and working less hours?

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7 Week Course Outline

1. In the beginning . . . a lead is generated
As a member of a mastermind group gain access to the strategic strike template
2. Build master plan based on natural laws
3. The power of the message – collaborate with area 1 marketing
4. Automating the warm belly run – leverage area 2 pre-sales
5. Overcoming objections before they come up partner with area 3 the sale
6. Using technologymedia to reproduce success – team up with area 4 servicing
7. Leveraging stories - networks - influence – work together in area 5 client for life_0
Bonus . . . the next step

Detailed . . .

1. In the Beginning . . . A Lead Is Generated
What does it cost to generate a lead? $260.
How much money, time, and resources do we invest into generating leads?

Did you know that the average sales professional will only close 1 out of every 10 leads? At $260 to generate a lead, that means that it costs $2,600 to generate enough leads just to convert one of those into a sale.
In this lesson we’ll learn how different personality types will convert for very different reasons. We’ll learn how to build systems which will convert prospects based on their personality type.

We will learn the value of a Strategic Strike and how, by building these turnkey systems, we are able to convert more leads with the proper use of technology and media.

2. Build Master Plan based on Natural Laws
1B81OP4dsWdYXZ9Zk8GH7RTq8KcmGEMAcWhen we use Natural Laws, like a farmer does in planting and bringing in the harvest, we earn a lot more money with a lot less effort. The 4 Steps To Great Leadership is the foundational law we will use to build a powerful/profitable plan.

We will learn how to select a great goal, determine the best action to take to accomplish that goal, who will follow through with those actions, the due date for each action and then who do we communicate with to generate the greatest success in the shortest amount of time.

We will learn how to use templates from others in our network, which will save us even more time and effort. We will learn how to make Profitable Partnerships in a way that will help them, and then they will help us.

Together we can accomplish so much more than we ever could on our own.

3. The Power Of The Message – Collaborate with Area 1: Marketing
1W0gZQ1b14Hw9-39bZJZlQotTUpFZG-He1eY21nyPHtfLSYM8izsCX6oPdlzTQgzS_Did you know that by changing one word, we could double our sales? When you think about it, it’s kind of frightening how even the smallest thing can have a massive change in the results we obtain.

Success often is in the little things!


If, through our Strategic Strike we can get even one person to pick up a phone and call us, it is equal to 560 outbound phone calls. When we deeply understand the real power of the message and how the right messages can help us to earn a lot more money and work a lot less hours, we start to realize the importance of this lesson.

4. Automating the Warm Belly Run – Leverage Area 2: Pre-Sales
1ucmP6ShyOKjrfd0bR83fUF8l7hMFyjm_How do we discover the most success people and practices within our company? What is the best way to take those successes and then use technology and media to get those best practices out to as many people as possible?

Why do teachers make some of the best sales professionals in the world? They ask great questions, they listen well, and then they present a solution that the student will most likely buy into.

1I-0-OoRT5_k8Av8TwbmCoYZMn8QPQdR4There are four levels of learning.When we learn to take the massive success we see from within our company and move it from level 4 learning, “Unconscious Competence”, to level 3 learning, “Conscious Competence”, we have captured the “Warm Belly Rub”, the things that feel great to the prospect and greatly influence them to buy and buy quickly.

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5. Overcoming objections before they come up – Partner with Area 3: The Sale
1xzHqDdD-GwMZuNjAHj0BDkXuyKA-IKdWDo we have a system in place which determines why we lose all our prospects?

Do we have a system by which we then take all that data and work within Area 4: Servicing, to capture the successes from those we service and to use those successes to feed back into our Pre-Sales efforts to help us prevent objections from happening in the first place?


When our best defense is a great offense, we start to see our systems doing more of the hard work and we are able to start working more “On” our business rather than “In” our business.

As we track each and every one of our losses, track why we are losing prospects and feed that data back to all five areas within our company, we start to see magical things happen in our business.

6. Using technology/media to reproduce success – Team up with Area 4: Servicing
After we learn the science of building a profitable Strategic Strike, we then need the right technology, which will help us to develop the right message and give it to the right people, at the right time.

We need to quickly track the results for each of the individual Strategic Strikes. As we start to track all our efforts and results, we start to see patterns of successes and weaknesses within our system.


7. Leveraging stories – networks – influence – Work together in Area 5: Client For Life
When we look at the Marketing Model, we see that there are four major areas a prospect can fall into.


As we learn how to take our Strategic Strikes and leverage them to assist prospects see and understand things in a more effective way . . . they will make faster decisions and more of those decisions will go our way.

We learn how to use success stories from all 30 boxes within the 5/30 Grid and draw out the magical stories, what people see, what people hear, and what people feel, then introduce those experiences, through technology and media, to each and every one of our prospects.

When you think of it . . . the concept is pretty easy. We learn how to leverage influence to help prospects see the benefits of using our products and/or services more than our competition.

Bonus . . . The NEXT Step
Have you ever learned a great deal, were motivated to take action . . . and then did not follow through?

In the Prospect Conversion System, we have built a Mastermind group to follow through, which will help to prevent individuals, if they follow the system, from learning things and not following through.

As Tom Kunz says “Trust the integrity of the system.”

$490 for the whole course (7 Lessons)
$490 Savings!

– Regular Price – $980 for 7 Lessons  ($140/each)  50% Savings ! ! ! –

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As you can probably tell from the 7-week course outline, this is not a course for everyone. It is a very intense course . . . not so much from a time perspective but from a “keeping one’s mind open” perspective.

If you are not sure you should take the course, please allow us to ask you a few questions.

“What is the biggest challenge you are facing in any area of your life?”

“If you were to earn more money, work fewer hours, have less stress and have a more balanced life, would that go a long way to helping you address your biggest challenge?”

The 5/30 Grid is the DNA to any successful business. The hardest box to develop and implement, and also the most profitable box in the grid, is Box 5.


brainIn addition to integrating a massive amount of powerful learning from the 5/30 Grid, we have also integrated some of the most powerful aspects of Personality Masteries into this course.

Personality Masteries is the DNA for understanding people. Combine them together and you will experience something that very few business owners or sales professionals have experienced in their life.

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., says “The 5/30 Grid is the most amazing process because it’s the DNA for any type of business. It works for world wide companies, small one person companies and for community based organizations. It runs everything in a more effective and efficient manner than I have ever seen in my entire business career. Everyone should be using the 5/30 Grid and sharing it with every other business owner and professional they know.”

Personality Masteries is the DNA for understanding ourselves and those around us. In this course we will learn how the different personality types are both good and bad for partnerships and how to leverage the good and prevent the bad within a partnership.

About Your Instructors

Tom Kunz, most recent past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC. has over 35 years of selling experience and building world wide sales teams. Tom lead a world wide sales force of over 140,000 sales professional in over 70 different countries.

Mark Boersma, international speaker, author, and trainer will present over 100 natural laws, systems, tools, processes, and techniques to help you build a sales system/process that will change the way you sell.

$490 for the whole course (7 Lessons)
$490 Savings!

– Regular Price – $980 for 7 Lessons  ($140/each)  50% Savings ! ! ! –

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100% Money Back Guarantee!  If you are not absolutely delighted with your investment
in this course, send an email to your instructor or mentor after you have gone
through three lessons,and we will gladly refund 100% of your investment.

“Reaching beyond our dreams and goals in every area of our life.”

Overview – Mastermind Groups

Have you ever learned something new and exciting, had the greatest intentions and then did not follow through?  Why do we invest all the time to learn things and then not take action on what we do?

These are good questions but the best question probably is, “What do I need to do which will insure that I am most likely to follow through on what I have or will learn from this course?”

To see success in follow through we have found, as Napoleon Hill did, that Mastermind groups are a very powerful resource to help us take action on what we know we should be doing.  In becoming a successful business owner and/or professional, we must have what are called the 5 H’s To Success.

(H1) – HOPE       – The HOPE and belief that we will be successful.

(H2) – Heart        – The Head knowledge to know what actions we need to take

(H3) – Heart        – Our Life Vision discovered, then plugged into actions.

(H4) – Hands          – We MUST take action – right actions – right way – right time

(H5) – HELP       – Deep knowledge and wisdom comes from helping others

 4 TsWhile some wait to join a Mastermind group until after they complete all the lessons in a course, we encourage you to join a group as soon as you complete a Mastermind survey. Another Mastermind member will help you find the right Mastermind group.

A Mastermind group helps us learn from others, network with others, grow from the experiences of others and gain input into how we can be the most successful, in the least amount of time, with the least effort.

Napoleon Hill in his bestselling books “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Law of Success” communicates the power of participating in a Mastermind group.  This next step is critical to success and it’s important to start immediately.  The faster we gain input, experience, wisdom and encouragement from others, the faster we will start on our journey.

The faster we start on our journey of success, the greater success we will have.  Yes . . . I know that we have a lot on our plate.  Yes . . . I know that we can come up with a million excuses as to why we are not not able to even invest 30 minutes into something which will change the way we do business and live forever.  Yes . . . there are fears and thoughts and “great” reasons why now is not the best time to do it.

Yes . . . we have fed ourselves the deception that while we are not going to do it now for whatever reason, we will do it later.  Why we think we will have more time later, how we will have more money later, why later will be a better time than now, is a mystery to all of us.  What is kind of crazy is the fact that we actually believe ourselves, in spite of the fact that we have probably told ourselves this for years and we still have not taken action.

If we really want to “Own a Company” rather than “Own A Job” we need to take action today and join a Mastermind group right now. Those in the Mastermind group will help us to eliminate our excuses as they have probably had the same excuses in the past and won’t let us off the hook.  This is actually what each one of us often needs to see success in this area.

Online Mastermind Survey

There are three simple levels within the Mastermind community.  Within 24 hours of completing the survey you will be contacted by your own personal mentor who will assist you in finding a Mastermind group that is right for you.  You will be given an assessment, some basic tools and then your online personal account will be activated to provide you with 24/7 access to the online university. You’ll also be given the times for your Mastermind group and all applicable information.

Your personal mentor will assist you to quickly get introduced to others in the Mastermind group/community and assist you in gaining the most from the experience.

Level 1: Basic
* Access to weekly live Mastermind group call/webinar
* Recordings for all Mastermind group calls
* Network to connect – receive and give help
Long Term Commitment: —- None
Monthly Investment: —- $195/month

Level 2: Intermediate
* Everything which is available in Level 1 . . . PLUS
* A customized Strategic Strike / Prospecting Conversion System plan.
* One on one coaching/support as needed to implement your plan
Long Term Commitment: —- 3 Months
Monthly Investment: —- $495/month

Level 3: Advanced
* Everything which is available in Level 1 and 2 . . . PLUS
* Access to team of Virtual Assistants to assist you implement cornerstone of 5/30 Grid for speaking and authoring
Long Term Commitment: —- 12 Month
Monthly Investment: —- $1,495/month

All business Mastermind groups, group coaching, and One on One coaching are run based on the 5/30 Grid.  The 5/30 Grid is designed to be easy to understand and powerful when implemented properly.  To achieve the success that we desire in our business, we MUST have all five areas at the same level.

Our businesses are like a pipeline with each of the five areas being one of the five pipes.  If we desire to increase our overall profit we need all five pipes to have the same capability.  We are only as strong as our weakest pipe.  There are many ways to obtain the knowledge, i.e. the Head knowledge, required to see success in each of these five areas.

One on One coaching, Mastermind groups, group coaching, and online learning are ways to obtain the knowledge and then assist you in following through to take action on what you have learned.  Click on each box of the 5/30 Grid to see individual lessons available for each area of learning.

5/30 Grid PDF Download
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Short Interview with Tony Pires/Others on change
5 min. audio
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17 min. video
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Client Interview on 5/30 Grid
Video Part 1
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Part 2
Click Here  (27 Min.)

One on One Coaching
This is the fastest way to learn and implement the 5/30 Grid.  A detailed business assessment is completed from which a 12 month customized plan is created.  One on One coaching includes One on One coaching sessions, group coaching, and access to a large amount of learning resources online.  Mastermind package #2 and #3 both include One on One coaching.  ActionVision coaching is also available and is often pursued by those who desire to do more, faster, with the help of others.

ActionVision YouTube Video – 4 minutes
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 ActionVision Video – 27 Minutes –
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ActionVision Product Overview
Three levels of one-on-one coaching –
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Mastermind groups
Individuals gain the most from a Mastermind group when they have a written personal/business plan, have one on one coaching, and have the resources to quickly implement and take action on what they have learned.  Mastermind groups can be local or worldwide.  The most effective Mastermind groups seem to be those which are 30 to 60 minutes in length, done over the phone/webinar, and have some base curriculum which the group learns and applies together.

Mastermind groups can be centered around interests, business opportunities, professions, industries – CPA’s, causes – stopping child trafficking, groups of people – churches/community groups, etc.

Group coaching
Group coaching is designed to coach a group of people in a similar topic, practice or skill and then work together to master that skill as a group.  Mastermind groups may employ some group coaching to effectively move the group along a mutual path of success faster.  Group coaching is used a great deal in learning and doing the 5/30 Grid as well as learning other types of business practices.  For additional information on group coaching – Click Here

Online learning
Online learning is the most flexible of all coaching, as it can be done 24/7.

The flexibility is both it’s greatest strength as well as it’s greatest weakness.  Often great group coaching and even some Mastermind groups are captured with technology, for others to go through at their convenience or at a later time.  Individuals can leverage online learning to learn and grow much faster.   When online learning is used with One on One coaching, Mastermind groups, and group coaching, it will accelerate the learning/doing process and give it a multiplier effect.  Online learning requires the most discipline to do and do consistently, and most individuals struggle with staying consistent with online learning due to the flexibility and trying to do it on our own.

There are many different series of online learning.  For the most comprehensive learning resource center,
Click Here.

$490 for the whole course (7 Lessons)
$490 Savings!

– Regular Price – $980 for 7 Lessons  ($140/each)  50% Savings ! ! ! –

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100% Money Back Guarantee!  If you are not absolutely delighted with your investment
in this course, send an email to your instructor or mentor after you have gone
through three lessons,and we will gladly refund 100% of your investment.

Get someone else to do the work for you!

Do you find that you are overwhelmed with everything already on your plate?

Are you the smart type of person who is always looking to get others to do the key things, so you can earn a lot more money and work fewer hours?

There are some clients who desire to learn how to do everything and then will follow through. Most of our clients either do not want to or feel they don’t have the time to really learn or master everything, so they bring on a Certified Virtual Assistant (VA).

massiveprofWe have found that Life Masteries Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has the most comprehensive VA Certification program in the world. VA companies and/or individuals who have been Certified through Life Masteries Institute are able to perform in a few weeks what most companies, employees and individuals are not able to perform in months or sometimes, even years.

To order the book and/or to find out additional information about creating massive success/profits through the use of other people. Click Here If you would like a complimentary interview/strategy session please call toll free 888.230.2300, ext. 222 for additional information.