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To view an Example Personal Life Vision Profile click on link.  Discover of one’s own Life Vision is very simple and to discover our first draft or version of our Life Vision can take as little as 20 minutes.  Fine tuning, tweaking and enhancing our Life Vision . . . well . . . that takes a lifetime.  🙂

Completing our very own Life Vision Personal Profile is best done by committing maybe 15 minutes a day for a couple of weeks to do a little more every day.  Another great way to complete our Life Vision Personal Profile is to join or better yet, start a Dimensional Living Home Study Group and do the exercise with others.

There is an entire support system to assist you in the Discovery and LIVING OUT every day our Life Vision. There is no financial investment on your part or anyone’s part to do this as it is supported through Life Masteries Institute which is an IRS, 501c3 non profit organization devoted to assist individuals “Reach Beyond Our Dreams And Goals In Every Area Of Life.”

There is a large monthly financial investment that Life Masteries makes to help people all around the world achieve their life vision and . . . “Yes, the goal is to help all 7+ billion people discover and live their life vision.” Please give generously . . . and “Yes, believe it or not there have been individuals who have given $100,000 / month – $1,200,000+ to this amazing cause. Thinking about it . . . what is this really worth to us and helping others?

Give Generously To Help Others . . .

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